New Moon Drama!

One of the things I’ve become distinctly aware of over recent years is the mighty effect of the moon. Now first I picked up on how much of an effect the full moon can have on people (and animals, and our homes!) But as time has gone by, as many moons pass, I have noticed it’s not just full moon times that affect us, but other moon phases. Now of course this is nothing new, people have been saying this since ancient times 😉 but it is only recently that this has really started to resonate a lot with me. Hence blogging about it now.

And in paying closer attention to moon cycles and my own life and healing others, as my work has shifted over the years to see global patterns of change, common behaviours happening at once, I have been starting to piece more and more of these patterns together with moon shifts and cycles.

Currently we are heading here into a New Moon, we are just 2 days away from the New Moon. There feels to be an odd energy shift taking place as a result. Some shocks are coming out around the world, people opening up to being different to how they’ve been behaving, an unmasking of negativity… Just be mindful of this in those around you over the next couple of days and take care to stay in balance and keep a level head, being aware that the moon is affecting many people.

Now is a good time for private meditation rather than too much interaction and social activities

Many Blessings and Peace to you all at this time as you read this ♡