Distant Aura Healing ~ People and Pets

What is an aura?
Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It is your protective skin for your physical body and energy systems, attempting to protect you from external energy from other people, your environment and the spiritual realm. Your aura is also an energy field that contains energy radiating out from your physical body and your energy systems.

We can end up with holes, breaks, tears, rips and weak points in the aura. These can be caused by external or internal factors. So damage to the aura can be caused by other people’s energies, some energetic imbalance in our environment (work, home and/or socially) or the spiritual realm (e.g. entities and implants); and also by any unresolved problems within ourselves (e.g. physical illness, emotional or psychological upset). Where the aura is damaged is important in determining what is having a negative effect on our energies.

V. Carey, UK suffers with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome): “Thanks for easing my stomach Wednesday night. I awoke with a pain-free stomach – no nausea, no lethargy as a result, and no gagging.”

What is aura healing?
It is possible for me to tune into your aura and send healing to repair any damage I find. This can help reduce some of the symptoms you may be experiencing which led you to this form of healing, and it can help direct us towards the root cause of the aura damage which may be present in one of your other energy systems (e.g. your chakras or meridians).

What does an aura healing involve?
An aura healing involves me tuning into your aura through either a photograph of you or through just your full name (and preferably your date of birth too). I tune in using my distance healer skills, where I use my intent and the universe’s energies to connect with you. I then perform an aura scan, to see where there is damage to your aura, and then send healing using my intent, universal energies and crystals for extra healing power and to enhance certains properties of the healing.

What do I need to do during a healing?
You do not need to do anything during your healing. If you wish you can carry on as normal with your day. I do advise, however, that you do try to take it easy on the day of your healing and for a few days afterwards, and drink plenty of water.

What can I expect from a healing? People generally feel a release from their symptoms during and after the healing. This can be a complete release in some cases, or it can be a lessening of symptoms. A lot of people experience a lightness following their healing on all levels, and sometimes a gentle healing buzzing sensation at the point of healing. This is where the healing energies are surrounding you and raising your overall vibration, which should help you to feel better. As with any healing session, there is a chance that you may experience detox symptoms. So some people can feel a little worse before they feel better as your body empties out the negative energy that it has been storing. If you do experience an increse in your symptoms then this should only be temporary – sometimes for a few minutes or hours, or sometimes you may need a few days to clear the energy over time. If you have any questions regarding detox symptoms then please email me at healing@firebeans.com. I try to keep in touch with people following a healing to ensure you are happy with your experience, so there will be opportunity for questions and follow-up advice after your healing.

Will I just need one aura healing?
Just one aura healing can provide a release or lessening of your symptoms. If you have an acute condition then this can help resolve your symptoms, or reduce them to a manageable level.

This said, there is likely to be a deeper reason for the symptoms you are experiencing and an aura healing can be the first step in establishing what this deeper reason is. Some people do benefit from a series of aura healings to help resolve their symptoms. I may advise you of other distant healing techniques that would heal your root cause more directly if I feel this is required.

The effectiveness of an aura healing can depend on a number of factors, whether the cause of the damage to your aura is continous (so continuing during and after the healing), how long the cause of the damage has been occuring (e.g. a chronic illness of some kind), and/or whether you require healing on a different energy system primarily (which I can often deduce during an aura healing). After your healing and allowing the healing to settle, we can discuss whether you feel more treatment is required. I take each person’s healing on a step-by-step basis so that we can ensure that you are receiving healing as and when you require it.

How do I book an aura healing?
All you need to do is click the payment button below to book a healing session. Then just send me your full name and photograph and/or date of birth.

If you are able to email me a photograph then please try to provide one that is head-to-toe. If you do not had a full photo available then I can work with a part-photo. Please send your details to me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com.

I aim to send healings out within 48 hours of purchasing. I will email you on receipt of your booking to confirm a date as soon as I can. If you require urgent healing then please contact me to inform me this is the case so that I can try to fit you in as early as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a Paypal account to pay for your healing. You can use your credit / debit card using the Paypal payment system.

Please refer to the pricelist below and then use the Send a Payment page to send the amount for the type of healing you would like:

  • Aura Healing: £9.99
  • Brief write-up: £4.99
  • Detailed write-up: £9.99

Distant Affirmation Healing

What is Affirmation Healing

In an affirmation healing I tune into your energies and find what positive affirmations you require to help your energies heal. I then programme your energies with these affirmations and if you book a write-up with your session I let you know what these affirmations are so that you can also repeat them to yourself after the session for extra power!

Healing with affirmations is extremely powerful. It gets right to the core of the matter. Affirmation healing can help physical conditions, pain, anxiety, emotional or psychological concerns, and more!

Depending on the type of healing you have booked I can send positive affirmations to your energies in general, to your chakras, your meridians, your aura, or wherever is required at the time of healing.

What do I need for the session?
If you have a photograph that you can email me for this healing then this makes the session more powerful. The photo does not need to be full length or particularly recent. If you are unable to email a photo then your full name and date of birth will be enough for me to be able to send you healing.

Before the session, please email me if there is an issue you would like me to consider during the healing. Your healing may involve healing around this problem as well as working on the problem itself – depending on what your energies say they need, and the time we have available.

Pre-booking free energy check
It is advisable that you have a free energy check before your session so that if necessary we can perform an energy clearing to remove any external negative energy forces.

This is the best way to begin any treatment as an energy clearing (if required) will remove any of these external negative forces so that we can then see what’s going on with your own personal energies. If we try to do any healing work with these negative forces still attached to you then this makes healing more difficult, the results confusing and sometimes stops healing from working at all. So, it’s best for you that we clear up any of these external forces first.

Click here for more information about energy clearing. You can fill in the message box on this link or send an email to me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com with the full names of those that you would like me to check for external negative energy forces.

How to book your Affirmation Healing

There are the following options for booking an Affirmation Healing session:

    Mini healing: £19.99

    Gentle healing: £34.99

    Deep healing: £69.99

A write-up is available for your session so that you can see what I found and so that I can pass on any advice and recommendations from the healing:

    Brief paragraph summary write-up: £4.99

    Detailed write-up: £19.99

As this is a new service please book your session at this Send a Payment link here by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can email me to request a PayPal invoice. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to use my payment system, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this or any other clearing or healing sessions, please contact me, Katy, at healing@FireBeans.com.

Phosphorus Homeopathic Healing – The Firey One

I have recently passed my Homeopathy Diploma with Distinction (2019) and I’m really excited to be soon setting up my sister website for Homeopathy. Over the last couple of years I’ve been sending out homeopathy through distant healing. As I’ve studied I’ve noticed that we don’t need to actually take the remedy physically to receive the benefits of its healing nature.

Homeopathy is all about vibration and energetic patterns. Much the same as any other healing. So why not receive homeopathy through distant healing too?

I have had many successes using homeopathy in this form and it can be very powerful at times! Helping protect people from dark forces, releasing blocks and stagnation from their energies and healing long ongoing negative patterns in their lives. It has also been very successful in helping pets and properties too!!

Today I am writing about Phosphorus homeopathic remedy as it is Bonfire Night in 2019. This is a very fitting remedy for this day and for my Ten Year anniversary of FireBeans. What’s the link? Fire!!

Phosphorus is ideal for firey types, whose temper can ignite instantaneously, like a switch being flicked, like a firework going up, like a match being lit up. Why? Phosphorus, in its pure form, is used in matches and fireworks!!

So if you are looking for a healing to calm the fire in yourself or someone you love, including pets, let me know and I will send some Phosphorus distant homeopathic healing.

No pills required!

Email me for more information healing@firebeans.com or see my homeopathy site