What is a firebean

The FireBeans Crystal ~ Zincite

The Tarot Reading that Changed my Life

Many people have asked me over the years “Why FireBeans?”, “What the heck is a Fire Bean?!” Many have found my business name to be Very confusing!!!

Well here are the answers you have been looking for…

FireBeans is named after a beautiful firey red-orange crystal called Zincite. (Zincite comes in other colours like green and golden yellow, but this firey red-orange version is the one my business is named after.) It is a little crystal bean of Fire.

I first came across Zincite in my early years of discovering crystal healing. I was at a local meditation group above a crystal shop and we were doing a little tarot reading. The Crystal deck of cards came to me and I pulled the Zincite card. Everyone Ooohed and Ahhhed 😀 This crystal was a showstopper it seemed!

I loved how the crystal looked in the tarot picture, it just felt like a part of me. I am a Fire Sign and have always been attracted to this type of energy.

I eagerly read about Zincite and its meaning in the tarot book.
Here is an excerpt about it:

“Zincite is the Ally that embodies the frequencies of the Divine force of creation. This force has two parts: the first being the process of creation, and the second being the process of manifestation.

“The process of creation is goverened by the second chakra… the center of energy through which we experience our sexual and creative drives. Allow the energy of Zincite to open and activate your second chakra, awakening the creative force within. By activating this powerful inner force of creativity, you will increase your ability to manifest new ideas, experiences and abundance in your life. Invoke the energy of Zincite and utilize the fire of your own being to transform and transmute your reality.”

This Really resonated with me. I felt something shift in my energies that I couldn’t explain. This was what I was looking for, but I didn’t understand what it was. Like it was just out of my grasp.

I pondered over this card in the next week or two in between meditation group sessions.

Then the following session I was back at the group and again we did a tarot reading. The deck of cards came around to me, and what did I do? I pulled the SAME Zincite tarot card!!!!

This had never happened to me before, pulling the same card. What are the chances? There were about 10 people in the group last session and this session. I wasn’t the last person to shuffle and choose a card. Each person who chose a card had shuffled the deck first. I must have been guided to this card Twice for a reason.

If the Zincite card meant something to me the first time, it sure as heck did the second time!! Now I felt I Had to act on this card. The first thing I did was buy a piece of Zincite from the crystal shop downstairs. I still have this piece now and it is So beautiful, like a little fire in crystal form. When you hold the crystal up to the light it glows like a fire. Just looking at this crystal closely fired up my Creativity.

I used to meditate with this crystal and feel its presence, its energy. This is what helped me manifest the first steps from being healed to becoming a healer. It was after finding this crystal that things started to fall into place, and I suddenly felt this intense urge to go on a crystal healing course! In fact the firey nature of me and the crystal led to me having to learn NOW!! Any crystal course option that tried to hold me back and slow me down was a big no-no! My time was now!! I may have been seen as impatient and unruly, but I was Passionate, and I knew that I was being guided very strongly not to hesitate!

During and after learning about crystal healing this crystal then helped me write and have ideas which ultimately led to the development of FireBeans. Ten Years later, in 2019, I am writing this article.

I have come back to this crystal many times when I have felt the need for Creative motivation and inspiration and Manifestation of my dreams. We must all bring forth our Creative energy or risk becoming stagnant and not celebrating our true selves. We must find our way along our paths and accept the challenges life holds for us, and what better way to do it than in a fun creative way!! Zincite helps you do this. It holds many an interesting answer for you.

Do you dare look within its firey depths and see what fire lies within you too??

Go on, accept the challenge!

To receive distant healing with Zincite crystal or to book your own personal tarot reading, contact me, I’d love to help.