🍁 Happy Autumn Equinox 2022 🍁

Autumn Leaves by Katy Firebeans

As each season shifts and changes, we experience natural shifts in energy that link us together. Autumn Equinox is happening on 23rd September and already we’ll have felt these changes occurring. You might feel a push-pull effect in your life, painful things might happen directly alongside wonderful things which can leave us in a strange place. Half our energies stay back in Summer and the other half is ready for the new season. (Who says “you can’t be in two places at once!”) As one season ends it brings an end to some things in life which can bring a lot of sadness, but also a lot of joy and relief. As another season opens up, it also opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities which can be really exciting, but also scary and challenging. We experience this together as one, and uniquely, independently. We reflect what is going on in the seasons internally and across our lives.

Now is an excellent time to take stock of what has happened across the Summer for you, or across the whole year. A change in season is a good time to think about everything you have achieved, as well as anything you have sadly lost or left behind. It is time to think of the happy and sad things that life brought to you.

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Sturgeon almost super moon ~ August 2022

With thanks to Emiliano Arano for the inspiring wave

There’s something in the air, is it a full moon or a super moon? ✨🌕✨

This is the last of the four huge full moons this year together, where June and July were technically the super moons. August’s moon is just a bit smaller than a super moon. This mighty power of the four huge moons in a row with the Lions gate portal (which peaked at 8th of the 8th and closes on 12th August) has sent energy cascading with vibrancy and creativity gone wild. Manifestation vibes abound and downloads from the cosmos are intense. I hope your experiences of these have been positive as August’s almost super moon builds but some have said it has created some difficult energies too. 

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Lions gate portal Cosmic Event healing ⭐🦁⭐

Cosmic Crystals by Katy Firebeans

So now is a point on the 8th of the 8th when the annual Lions gate portal is open and at its peak of energy. 

Here is a great time to be open to manifesting your dreams, making things happen, getting creative! 

It is also a time of receiving downloads from above and the best way to be open to these is with, well, openness! Help your energies be clear and feel your connection to earth and the universe and you may receive some startling and exciting new information, realisations, from the cosmos!

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Cancer Crab Moon

New Moon, June 2022

~ It was a black sky in June

And a crab came slowly wandering by

And said “Where is the moon?” ~

We may not be able to see the moon, but we can feel it! It is there, it’s just in shadow! 

The new moon in Cancer marks the first moon after Summer Solstice! When we are adjusting to the more summery vibrations, rain or shine! There is a greater relaxation dawning on us, and fun magical energy around 🌞

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