The Darker Side of Energy Clearing ~ Hardcore Clearing

Scary malevolent spirits, malicious alien implants, dark devils, vampires, demon forces, and not forgetting possessions and black magic.

WARNING: This article is Not for the faint-hearted!

I have published this article on Halloween 2019 after 10 years’ Energy Clearing. Not everyone wants to know about the darker side of clearing, but some do! So I thought I would share my experiences with you looking back over the recent years of my life!

In the first ten years of FireBeans I have come across MANY a scary situation. I have always been drawn to the paranormal. As a child I loved reading ghost stories until way into the night and childhood investigative mystery novels, kids going on adventures and seeking out the Truth. I used to think the scarier and more mysterious the better… until I scared myself silly and took a LONG break! Looking back now, I think I was right to have a break. I needed greater understanding before I let myself read more.

But my love of the paranormal re-found Me!! About 10 years ago, I let my love back out of the box. How? I went on a Crystal Healing course, and the very first thing we learnt about was Energy Clearing. This was not what I’d signed up for and I was worried because there was good reason I’d stepped away from this as a child. But I was so fascinated I listened and learned, not realising this would be the basis for my life in months then years to come.

That day we learnt about detecting and clearing spirits and alien implants and I had my first spooky interaction with an implant. I felt its presence like fear and confusion in the room, like a dirty cloud of negative energy. I didn’t really know what I was sensing at the time but I have felt that energy since, many times. So I recognise it now.

After this curious, revealing and quite disturbing (but amazingly invaluable) lesson, I wanted to put this all back in its box again. I was most dismayed when my mentor urged me not to ignore this path! This was The Best advice, as it was time.

In practice, energy clearing has been quite a rollercoaster ride. It has been extremely satisfying but it has definitely taken a lot of learning, understanding and given me some pretty dark and sometimes terrifying experiences.

One thing remains consistently true, however, you must learn to trust your inner guidance, your higher self, your intuition, and stay protected as best you can. You need to live on your wits to overcome some of these mighty beasts (and yes, some of them are indeed beasts).

One of their biggest traits, something they are especially good at, is being manipulative, malicious, devious and downright devilish at times! We are not talking about good souls or entities here. There are many, many, many spirits (and aliens) that mean no harm whatsoever and who merely (if lost) just need steering in the right direction, or who are there to heal and protect you. There are just so many others that can do us great harm and who completely intend to. I believe that the worst of these malicious attachments, you cannot and must Not do battle with them. They will almost certainly come back otherwise and pull the wool over your eyes and make you think they’re gone. Instead you have to heal the person of why they are attached to them so that the attachment gets bored and leaves. Sometimes an energy clearing plus protection is enough to do this if the attachment isn’t too bad. But most times some deeper healing and self-understanding is needed. Otherwise the attachment will simply give you the run around and drain you of any energy and resources you have, so it gains more and more power over you.

This is what they do, they drain and chase and poke and prod and cause bad things to happen until you have nothing left to fight them with, until they are fully in control. Why? Because it’s probably a Lot of fun for them, and because it all helps in the greater battle between Good and Evil.

But how can they be so deceitful and trick an innocent healer? Well that’s easy, they simply pretend to be something they’re not. Most easy for them is to pretend to be a loved one in spirit, perhaps a passed-away dear grandparent you were close to. Or perhaps if you are someone with psychic energy, an animal communicator, the attachment may pretend to speak as a loved animal to you. Whoever they choose to be, they will be expert at copying them. Mimicry is quite a sport in the paranormal world.

So how do you tell the difference between a true good spirit and a malicious impersonator? Gut feeling. Instinct. It is the only way. You can feel when an attachment is bad. There are hints and signs; ignore them at your peril! Sometimes these malicious spirits and implants put on a very good show though and even mimic the feelings you’d get from being around a good energy / spirit. Some can have very low, nasty, evil vibrations, but be able to mimic the most Beautiful high energies So perfectly even someone very experienced would be hard pushed to tell them apart. But no matter how good they are, there will be clues, and you should always, ALWAYS, be on your guard…. and have some good Protection going on just in case.

Whatever your way of communicating with the paranormal (e.g. sight, sound or feeling) know that these can be taken over and mimicked to an astoundingly professional level. So All senses must be on guard and you must remain fully suspicious.

I must add here an addition (in November 2019) that I have just understood more thoroughly too. A much darker level of mimicry and deceit by the darker forces. And this comes as a warning for when you are searching online for Free healing, sadly. I have found on a couple of occasions that people have been overpowered by a very nasty alien implant dark force which has travelled to them via publicly available free healing. They have experienced some free healing online via some form, for example through a visual or audio recording available online for all to see, or a text document instructing certain healing diagrams, symbols or numbers to apply to your energies, or something that is sent to you via email that you have requested. Whatever the form, BEWARE! Not all of these energies are healing. Just as you must be very careful not to pick up a virus or malware by downloading to your computer / phone, or visiting a dodgy website, so must you also be very careful what you “download” into your body’s energy systems!!! Yes, it is Exactly the same! And the effects can be just as serious and devastating as getting an electronic virus…

But how does this happen? The source of the free healing material seemed like it had good intentions. The person who set up the shared free healing seemed like a lovely person? Yes, quite possibly, and very likely the person responsible for distribution may have had 100% good intentions. But just like a website can be hacked, so can healing frequencies sent out in a global format (not personalised to the individual). So the good intentions of the healer may have their work twisted by dark forces. What better way to catch unsuspecting innocent people looking for a bit of healing for free? Tap into a good energy stream and twist it up and spread negativity that mimics Divine / healing energy!! And like I have said before, this energy is so powerful and artful that it can mimic the true Divine healing energy better than the Divine energy can look/feel itself. So when you take part in the free healing, you may experience blissful, wonderful energies, but secretly there is malicious dark forces at work doing bad things in the background, and often of a possessive type energy. What is worse, is that these energies become Addictive! The negative alien implant tries to lure in the person to keep coming back for more of this delicious sweet healing energy, that “feels so good” but has been twisted and become dark.

Of course not all Free healing will have been affected (or Infected)! Some are more open to attack than others. Just like not all websites have been hacked. Some are very well protected. Some are like an open door to hackers. Some are simply more attractive to hackers than others because of their content and their reach or audience. Free healing Is a Wonderful thing!! Please don’t get me wrong, But I must warn people to be very careful what they allow into their energies. Please also note that ALL publicly available free healing that I share (e.g. my meditations and free healing visuals) have all been Divinely Protected and therefore cannot be attacked. Plus I check them regularly just to be 100% sure. [Here ends the November 2019 addtion.]

Why do we attract such nasty attachments? Are they sent to punish us for bad behaviour or wrong doing? Absolutely not – though they may lead us to believe so! And put us through our paces causing us to punish ourselves over and over again for “crimes” committed. No, your guardian angels and spirit guides would never have such a terrible fate in store for you. So if an attachment ever tells you they are here to punish you, then know they are not a good energy!

Quite often we attract these nasty energies because of the good they see in us. They may be threatened by the bright light that shines from us. Or they may wish to darken our light, or worse snuff it out. Yes, some attachments are that dark and evil. They may be working for a higher source of negative energy, for example a Devil or Demon. Or they may just be a bad spirit, working alone, causing trouble just because they feel like it. Just as in life we have those who want to do good and those who want to do bad. Some work together in groups or gangs (for good or bad), some work alone. It is good to be mindful of this too when aware of the presence of a bad attachment: are they alone, or do they have friends to call on and join them. Could this be an ambush situation?

Another reason why these attachments are attracted to us is if we are Easy Targets, if we are sick (“dis-eased” as some say) in some way. When we are unwell, unhealthy or unhappy, when our well-being is low, when we do not love and respect ourselves, our vibration drops dramatically, our energies dam up, we stop radiating positivity, we attract all manner of chaos. If we’re on a spiral down we attract more and more negativity. It is a slippery slope, a true snowball effect. Negative attachments just Love these energies!!! They relish getting caught up in these. They are easy prey and these attachments are very much the hunters. They stick to their prey like glue and draw in other negative attachments.

We may be so busy fighting off illness or battling some negative state that we just don’t have the extra strength needed to protect ourselves. This is where external protection (e.g. from me) is so helpful. If you don’t have the energy to naturally self-protect then I can do it for you (me and my team of healing spirits and angels) until you feel strong enough to take it on yourself again.

Now these attachments are some of the hardest to remove because depending on how ill or ill-at-ease the person is, it can be really tricky to raise their vibration and shake off negative attachments. But raise their vibration they must! They must show their self power and reverse the spiral. Protection can help a lot with this if the person does not have much strength within (e.g. if they are particularly ill). Energy clearing and healing help the person heal deeply and let go of attachments. But ultimately change is needed within the person. This can happen through healing but some conscious work Really helps quite Amazingly. This is why I always say that healing a loved one without them knowing can massively help them (see my blog post on this subject: “Do I have to Believe it for it to Work? 03/02/2011) but what helps most is conscious healing and change.

Another reason why bad attachments are attracted to us is if we are Empathic or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). There are many of us and we don’t always know we are one! It took me many years to understand I am empathic. And when I understood this it was like a light switched on. I saw Everything Differently! Everything started to make sense across my life. People who are very sensitive / empathic (this includes psychic) can be very open naturally, a bit like a sponge. And bad attachments love this, well, when we don’t have our gift under control, and many of us Don’t! If you are a person who happily walks into a crowded room, full of joy, only to feel your heart and soul plummet and feel absurd crazy energies, think sudden shifting thoughts, or even have some physical symptom start up: You’re likely an empath.

These thoughts, feelings and emotions, if they come out of the blue, with no clear reason, may not be yours! In this example the person walked into the crowded room wide open, with zero protection and self awareness. This is easily done when you’re either unaware you’re an empath, or you are still learning the ropes. Can you see how negative attachments would have a field day with this easy prey?

Protection is key for an empath / HSP, especially in regard to attachments. Not only are you easily able to pick up new attachments which float around looking for targets, but you can also very easily pick up attachments that other people have, by picking up their energy with the attachment attached! So you get a double dose.

The empath needs specific help in discovering their true self, and knowing 1000% who they are in every given situation, so that when fleeting external energies from other people and attachments come along and sweep by/through their energies, they can recognise them for what they are and stay detached (like water off a duck’s back).

There is risk at this stage, as an empath, to become cold and shut off from the world to avoid picking up external energies and attachments. This can fast become a very lonely place. Yes you may stay protected (for now, until your vibration drops because you’re shut off), but only because you’re not putting yourself out there and by hiding away you miss out on So much positive stuff, healing connections with others, healing spirits even, and happy times. Humans aren’t designed to live alone. We are One. And we can’t shut off from the energetic soup of the world. We must learn to flow with the energies but stay centred and protected in a self-knowing light bubble. This is something very unattractive to negative attachments: someone showing such self-power and self-knowledge.

Yes healers glow and shine like a beacon and attract negative attachments – but someone who glows and has deep self-awareness, self-knowledge is more likely to know / recognise an attack which leads to much greater protection and power. You have to find your chinks in your armour and heal them (what makes you weaker, areas where you don’t fully know and trust yourself), preferably before negative attachments find them!

But then we come to the next understanding of negative attachments…. Perhaps we should thank them! Because each negative attachment is a lesson to learn about ourselves. A chance to heal further and become stronger and naturally more protected in future. Yes, this may seem strange, but we must be grateful for the negative attachments and the challenges they bring to us. (And that will only annoy them more lol – the last thing they want is for us to turn their Evil into Good :D)

But it is like any problem or difficulty or obstacle that comes to us in life. We can choose to let the obstacle get us down, perhaps even destroy us. Or we can change our perspective and see these obstacles as chances to learn and grow and find ourselves and our true paths more. It is the same thinking as with “mistakes”. We do something and something totally unexpected happens, we beat ourselves up over it, and think “how could I be so stupid!” But what if this “mistake” was meant to happen, to show us some Hidden Truth about ourselves, so we can learn something new and exciting? This is how we grow stronger in life: learning, opening up to ourselves, discovering our hidden true selves, finding our weaknesses, our chinks in our armour and healing them, creating changes that heal them.

You may be thinking this all sounds like a whole lot of effort – why bother? Well first, without growth, what is life? Spring is vital to the seasons. Do you really want to wander through life never really knowing who you are? Not only is it risky to not check for attachments that could be causing you harm and causing difficult situations, you are missing out on finding yourself and some really positive, happy and awe-inspiring things by choosing to “not bother”, or by deciding you don’t want to open those doors you’ve sealed closed through fear of the unknown (or fear of the known). Do you dare to reveal your true self to the world and flaunt it for everyone to see?! Do you dare not to?? There may be some really pretty gems you’ve buried out of sight. It is part of life to accept the scary and bad stuff right along there with the Amazing and Awesome good stuff. You can’t have one without the other.

What if you can find the keys to unlock your problems? By daring to step forwards and take a chance. Or perhaps you’re partway along your journey (or a long way along your journey!!) and are having an attack of the doubts. Does your faith need a shake up? Do you need to get that motivation back to keep on clearing and healing your spirit and soul, to keep on discovering the new. We do keep learning, naturally, until the end of days. If you are feeling stuck along your spiritual journey it may really help you to see how far you’ve come. Remember (even make a list of) your personal spiritual achievements, things you are grateful you have learnt about yourself, difficult situations you have overcome and how you got past them. Did you need some difficult experiences and blocks in your path to show you the right way? Can you find it in yourself to be grateful for these experiences, if that isn’t too painful.

One thing I have learnt on this subject of “should I bother?” is that even if you choose not to…. life may just decide you’re gonna do it anyway!! There are certain spirits and beings (not malicious but mischievous) where it is their job to come and try to trip us up, make us think, and they might not do that in the easiest way for us. They revel in creating bad situations and “accidents” that give us a jolt and try to force us to learn (sometimes Very difficult) lessons. Why? Well not all spirits are mean-minded. Some of these mischievous types actually want us to progress along our soul journeys and “stop looking in the mirror at our same reflection staring back, day after day… after day” (one such spirit just quoted to me). So they step in and “Help us!”

So if you decide this is all too much trouble, and too frightening even! Beware, the universe may have other plans!

I feel here I should apologise for seeming pushy, but sometimes things happen in life for very good reason – even though that may be hard to see at the time! I am a great believer in that we are all in the correct and perfect place in every given moment, even if it is tough and difficult for us. It all has meaning. The healing spirit world also see this but is less apologetic about its demands in us sometimes, because they have a higher perspective, a great bird’s-eye view. Sometimes it becomes more and more pressing that we hear guidance and make changes in our lives to avoid a very real disaster. If we are not listening via the normal, kinder, gentler routes that our guides prefer, then they send in the army lol.

This is when we have such mischievous “good” spirits as I’ve been talking about come in and “help out”. Of course the healing powers would not under Any circumstances send in a negative attachment to show us where we’re going wrong (or punish us, as I mention earlier). They would not call on some spirit from the other team! They want to help us, that is their main aim.

Ultimately it’s easiest for everyone if we learn our soul journey lessons quickly and easily from Day One that they come to us. But life / humans aren’t like that! It is part of our nature to (usually) not see patterns until they have formed, and sometimes become quite destructive and stagnant. But we can sometimes go for a long long time before we understand the guidance that has repeatedly been shown to us that some path or other isn’t for our highest and best good, and could lead to disaster if we continue to pursue it, eventually.

But back to the thinking that everything happens for a reason and we are always in the place we are meant to be… We may only see and understand our guidance and lessons when we’re meant to. So there’s no point being ashamed at not getting the message earlier, and there’s no point beating ourselves up. It is all part of life. We are where we’re meant to be.

This may lead some people to feel that they have no control. But we do. There is a grand plan, our free will is essential to the grand plan coming about. It’s just that everything ties together, every thought, feeling and action is energy that is all part of the greater energy soup of the universe(s). It is the butterfly effect, we are all connected by delicate little cords, every action has a cause and reaction. And this all must be considered during energy checks and clearing, etc. We must consider the whole picture and look at where our current placement is in our timeline (and even in others’ timelines too, since the connections are great).

On a gentler note, our guides are not trying to be army generals and healing should not be torture. Life is meant to be enjoyable. And we are meant to enjoy comfort, peace and relaxation. So whilst some situations are pretty urgent, the healing spirit world does try to give us breaks and opportunities for fun and relaxation (we just have to notice them and say yes to them!)

We need to be able to notice when we are going too far in clearing as well, to know when we are fighting a never-ending battle. We need to be able to recognise when a gentler approach is needed as energy clearing and healing shouldn’t be really tough on us. But trying to clear some attachments in the usual way would be, as it wouldn’t be right. Sometimes we can only learn this the hard way. But with experience you learn to spot the signs earlier and earlier.

This also brings me to a particular type of attachment that I find cannot be cleared through standard clearing methods. This type is an Ancient attachment. One that has become firmly embedded in our energies over a very long period of time – and I’m talking past lives here, sometimes back to Ancient Egypt times even! Try to clear one of these attachments and you’ll know about it! It would be like poking a vicious beast while they are dozing….

The reaction can be pretty fierce, immediate and intense, and not in a good way! If you ever get this reaction to a clearing then stop immediately. I’m not talking about a moderate negative reaction (as that can happen) – some clearings can give you some quite dramatic reactions. There is something about these Ancient attachments that go beyond the norm, and you only really know it when you experience it, but it is Extreme. If this happens, the clearing must be stopped.

But what do you do if a very nasty attachment can’t be cleared in the normal way? Remember that if an attachment has been with you this long it will have become like a part of you. It will be part of who you currently are. It cannot then be just ripped away. It must be gradually released by incremental changes and healing so that it lets go its grip on you and is no longer attracted to you. You have become its comfort zone, its home (indeed you will even take comfort in its being a part of you – like an old worn out pair of shoes, or an old habit you just can’t break). But ultimately we need to free ourselves of these attachments, not just for our current happiness and well-being in this lifetime but also in our future lives, our future soul journey.

Yes you are reading me right, attachments do travel with us through lifetimes. And we must know that any positive changes we can make in our current lifetime will most definitely affect us, not just in the rest of our current lives, but beyond that, in lifetimes to come. This is the bigger picture I refer to in our soul journeys when looking at healing for a person, it’s not just this life we look at. And this is the bigger picture our spirit guides are looking at too.

So we need to know when we have to ignore a nasty energy and look the other way, like a school bully. If you stop giving them your attention (and fear) then they can get bored and wander off. Enter into a fight with them though and it could go on forever.

We are back to the point I made earlier about how some attachments can just drain you and send you in vicious circles and lead you into many red herrings. Ancient attachments are the Kings and Queens of playing dirty – they’ve had many years to gain lots of experience in this at our expense.

We must detach from these games and find our own space, our true selves, our peaceful centre. Once this energy has calmed down the attachment draws back and a standoff takes place. This gives you chance to think and explore how this attachment is attached and what you can gently and self-lovingly do about it.

I think some of the worst energy I have come across has been Ancient implant energy. It is so clear when this energy is about as I immediately sense the deep gut-wrenching nausea and sharp painful headache!! These sensations in themselves can be maddening but then throw in the massive confusion and emotional surges too (which could be raging anger or hysterical anxiety). These energies are all about the drama. And will do all they can to take you off track. They are masters at manipulation, mimicry and red herrings. If you don’t sense the physical symptoms then check for situations where you keep being distracted or pulled off track, or if you keep reacting over emotionally to things.

Also I have often found implants to be the source of massive, and multiple, red herrings. For example if you sense a stream of negative attachments, maybe neverending portal systems… check to see if there is an implant at the source! It may have been sending you a holographic image of these attachments and portals to throw you off the scent, keep you busy and wear you out.

Another terrible energy is the Demon. He/she is wicked and conniving. They all tend to be very difficult to release. They hang on tight to your energy and anything attached to you (like your possessions). They are one of the biggest bullies around.

The Devil. Ok this one should be at the top of the list. There are a variety of devils. There seems to be the Devil himself and sub-devils, or mini devils. The mini ones are very powerful indeed, but not nearly so much as The Devil. The main devil is King of Evil in the battle between Good and Evil. And the mini devils are his servants / princes.

The Devil’s aim is to destroy all good – or rather, turn all good into evil. This is where being a beacon of light can be a problem, as we become a target. The Devil energy can seep in through the background unnoticed but then reak havoc, and I mean truly evil havoc. He tends to attack in secret if you are someone who radiates a lot of light and who has a good high vibration – because he can’t get to you through life’s usual evils.

How does he get in, if you have been working on patching up chinks in your armour? Through other people and situations around you where you have no control. He can become a channel through a relative or friend and through this person he can affect you. For example if you keep finding that crazy bad things happen when you’re around the same person in your life, it could well be that they have become a target of devil energy. Or if you find that an important person in your life keeps acting in a very negative way towards you (perhaps a sudden change in character) then they may have become a negative channel.

Now if you are someone who has done well to keep your vibration high and your protection up, coming across this situation might make you want to run a mile, to shut off from this person entirely, even if they have been a person very close to you or a close family member. However I do not recommend this alienation approach as all it does is continue to feed evil/ devil energy. A sure way to fall from the high vibrations you’ve become bound to is to shut yourself off from others and to close the door on souls that need you. How is it Good to turn away from the vulnerable? And this is what these people are who have become victims of the Devil, for we can only let the Devil in by falling into a difficult, dark and vulnerable place in life. If someone is channelling devil energy, they need our help to patch them up and heal them (if they will let us, and if we can find a way past the Devil in them). The last thing they need is for us to push them away.

However, we absolutely must protect ourselves too as the energy channelled from the Devil is extremely dangerous. I have developed healing protections that work on the self and the relationship to the person who has become a channel so that you can remain connected with them without the Devil energy feeding on you too.

Alien spirits. Yes these are very different to the alien implants we have covered so far. Aliens take many forms and many can shape-shift. I must stress here that there are as many Good Aliens as there are bad!!! I work with many healing aliens (whose identities I cannot and must not reveal as I am bound to secrecy). They are some of the most amazing and powerful beings. The evil aliens are the opposite… and worse still is when you have multiple bad aliens attached to you… And their ships or mothership! (Yes I have had to release many of these too!)

Thankfully it is pretty rare to find these attached to a person (or property), but they certainly can be. Another example of aliens I’ve encountered were in water, one group of aliens were living in pipework beneath houses, in the sewers, and another group were small enough to live in water undetected, the size of molecules!

Signs of alien spirits being present are electronic flying objects (helicopters, drones, planes) and aerials or antennaes and recording devices like cameras. By “signs” I mean, if you suddenly find your home / garden is being plagued by the sound of flying aircraft (e.g. a helicopter that keeps hovering nearby every night, or strangely low flying planes suddenly in your neighbourhood). Or perhaps someone keeps wanting to take your photo and you’re not in the mood! (I’m talking about a persistent friend or family member, rather than a stranger! That would be even more disconcerting!). Any kind of spying type energy you feel, or identity theft, even just feeling watched. Or dreams of any of these things – for example a big antennae being put up by a neighbour. These can all be signs of alien spirits at work and affecting you.

Vampires. OK so vampire films and TV shows have been all the rage in recent years, but they are pretty real in the spirit world. Perhaps even in real life – who knows! In energy clearing they are Very nasty energies. Often they can cause feelings of deep fatigue, literally like you have been drained! Vampire spirits can suck the life out of anyone or anything. They have been known to sit in dark, musty, undisturbed outbuildings and wait for their prey! Feeding off the energy of their environments until an unsuspecting person comes along.

You don’t need weird puncture marks to appear to know you have a vampire spirit around! Though some do leave a mark when they bite. And some people may feel a bite happen (when awake or in their dreams). Not all are so obvious though.

Witches. These are very powerful beings that can make life very confusing! There are many kinds of witches: living and in spirit, present life, past or future lives. Yes spirits can travel back in time. And of course, like with alien spirits, there are very good and very bad witches and a whole host of them in between. Some may be confused, they sometimes do good and sometimes do bad, depending on how they feel and what their situation is at the time. Some try to do good but do bad by accident. They are a law unto themselves.

They may work together or separately. And with witches I tend to include sorcerers and wizards. They are the queens of portals! They are expert in opening up doors between worlds and within our world. They can magic, conjure up or call on all kinds of spirits to help them: good and bad animal spirits or live animals, spirits of the faery world (not just fairies but imps, pixies and gnomes etc), and they can even call in help from demons and devils (or the Devil himself), angels, gods and God.

Possessing energies. Many attachments have the power to Possess, take over your mind and actions! This is where it is absolutely key again to know your true self as best you can and trust your intuition / gut feelings, because when an attachment starts to take over it can quickly get out of hand, and then you can forget who you were before the possession happened, and you can quickly forget it ever happened!! Possessions are even more possible if you are at higher risk of other people’s energies taking over your consciousness, not maliciously but through your soul trying to help them and then ending up with their energies overwhelming you. Thankfully it is possible to escape the clutches of a possession through protection and healing and clearing. But you need to remember it’s happening first, or just know something isn’t right, or happen to fall in with a healer who recognises it.

So as you can see there are so many ways to fall prey to a dark force!! And some of these are pretty scary! The thing to remember is that for Every single dark spirit there is an equally amazing and wonderful Pure healing spirit to match it. The world is Full of beautiful high vibration energies. And the main way to resolve any disorder and dis-ease in the mind, body and spirit is to be good to yourself. Allow yourself to be “selfish”, self-loving and learn to Know yourself as truly as you can, and find ways to be on your soul path as much as possible.

And if you’re stuck, email me!! I can help you out of a fix… and protect you.

Blessings xx

~ What are Negative Energy Clouds ~

In my energy clearing research over 2010-2011 I have discovered that people can have ‘negative energy clouds’ attached to their energies. These can project from ourselves into our infinite auras, or we can pick up negative energy clouds from external sources: from other people, or from attachments (e.g. entities and implants).

For example if we have a particularly strong entity or implant attached to us, we may also have their negative energy cloud attached too. This accentuates the qualities of the attachment, makes them stronger, and makes them more difficult to release.

We can develop our own negative energy clouds when we have negative energy trapped in our systems due to some stress in our lives, or from previous emotional trauma (either recently or many years ago, even from a past life in some cases!).

How do you know that a negative energy cloud is present?

The symptoms of having a negative energy cloud present (whether your own or from an external source) can be similar to those of having a standard entity / implant present, e.g.:

* headaches
* nausea / sickness
* body aches / pains
* anxiety
* depression
* emotional distress
* fatigue
* confusion
* anger
* relationship problems
* miscommunications
* ‘bad luck’ and accidents

and the list goes on…

If you feel you may have a negative energy cloud present, then you can request a free energy check from me, Katy, at All I need to do this is your full name.

What can you do to release negative energy clouds?

I recommend an Infinite Aura Clearing for the removal of negative energy clouds, as they generally latch on to our outer energies, rather than just at our physical body, subtle bodies and commonly-known single aura.

For more information about Infinite Aura Clearings, to work on releasing your energy cloud(s), please see here or contact me, Katy, at

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