Distant Chakra Healing ~ People and Pets


Many people turn to distant healing at times of great need. When they know something is wrong in their life but are struggling to fix it by themselves or through the help of traditional means. (The list of ailments that distant healing can treat is endless!) Other people are just interested in topping up their energies so that they are functioning at their highest level day in day out.

And let’s not forget our furry friends too – they also benefit from healing. They are sensitive souls and soak up a lot of the negative energy from around them. Perhaps you have an out-of-control dog, or a particularly territorial rabbit. Or you would like to provide some relief for a pet’s particular ailment.

Whatever your reasons for arriving at this page – Welcome! And rest assured that you have found someone who will listen to your needs and do what she can to help you.


Here are some fantastic quotes from my clients – thank you everyone 🙂

“Thanks a million million for your help. My mom read your email and felt so much better. She said all you said was true. You gave her so much hope Katy and she is doing better. She has more energy, is more positive and in less pain (now she takes 6 motrins a day instead of 8) but is hoping to go to even less. She could see and feel the difference and you’ve relieved so much stress in our lives. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to you! You are amazing! Thank you for spending so much time and energy. You are so gifted. Thank you so very much.” Ava Kamla

I did a series of healings on Vicky Carey, UK, and her family (human and pets). Healing one of Vicky’s bunnies, Archie, who had gut stasis / slowdown – a potentially life-threatening condition. Vicky’s comment the morning after his first healing session:

“I can’t thank you enough for your distant healing on Archie. The benefits are already apparent by his behaviour this morning… he was a different rabbit! He was genuinely pleased to see me and couldn’t wait to get stuck into his breakfast! I am so glad that we have made contact Katy.”

And about a week later:

“Archie is still a totally different animal after you healed him and I think definitely benefiting from crystals.”

Regarding Vicky’s daughter:

“How you got K. is astoundingly spot on! I am very impressed.”

About me

I’m Katy and I live in the UK, UK. I am a qualified crystal healer and work face to face with those local to me (people and animals) as well as across the miles through distance healing. I am highly sensitive and through my sessions I can pick up on some particularly accurate information.

I have a range of human and animal clients, and I send healing voluntarily to dogs at my local dog rescue centre once a week. I have had some very powerful experiences in all areas of my work.

How does distant healing work?

It is possible to create a strong energetic link with another being across a great distance. In healing, time and space are no longer limiting factors. We are working with subtle frequencies and vibrations that can cross these barriers. All that is needed is something to build that energetic connection on (e.g. a photo in my case) and an intuitive like me who can make the connection between our energies using intent. Then the healing begins!

I use the same principles for healing at a distance that I use for face-to-face crystal healing. Please see my crystal healing pages for more details about the power of crystals and how I use them during my treatment sessions.

‘Everything is made of energy: molecules, pathogens, prescription medicines, and even emotions. Each cell pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, health can be restored or established by balancing one’s energies.’ Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body

How quickly will I see results?

Most people feel some results immediately. Distant healing can have an instant effect on symptoms such as pain, migraine, asthma, stomach complaints and cramps. If you are healing a longterm issue then you should find that you gradually make improvements after each session. A lot of people liken holistic therapy to peeling off the layers of an onion: often healing has layers/stages to go through and sometimes this can take time. The best way to work through these stages is to have regular healing sessions. This tops up your energies and helps them retrain more quickly to run more smoothly and with fewer negative energy blockages. You can create a course of treatment to suit your needs, schedule and financial situation, with booking options from as many as three times a day to just once a month! Just let me know what you want 🙂

How quickly will I receive my healing?

I endeavour to send out healing as soon as possible after payment and the photograph arrives. I will contact after receipt of your booking and arrange a date with you for the healing. Please be aware that at busy times I may have a waiting time of up to 10 days. I apologise for this inconvenience if this situation occurs – I do my best to fit your healing in as early as possible.

Please note that if you have a particular emergency (e.g. a pending surgery date, or pressing health situation or distress), do contact me to let me know this as I do try to keep emergency slots available.

How do I book my healing session?

If you would like me to send you, your loved one and/or your pets healing then please get in touch. The quickest way forward is to click one of the PayPal buttons below to book a session and email me a photo (preferably a jpeg) of who needs the healing. The photo should ideally be full-length (from top to toe) to receive the most focused healing, and if a person, fully clothed please. The photograph does not need to be recent.

If you do not have a photograph that you can email to me then it is possible to send healings with just the person’s full name and date of birth, though a photograph is highly recommended as this helps me to create a stronger connection. My email address is Healing@FireBeans.com.

Which Package Is Right For me?

I have a number of chakra healing packages available now to suit your needs and budget. This is a recent addition as I have found that some people would just like a healing without further assistance, whereas other people really appreciate the extra information and advice that a full care package provides.

I have also kept my usual rates for those who would like to keep to a standard healing and brief write-up. Because of the time I prefer to dedicate to people who would like the extra detail given in a full write-up and aftercare advice, I have needed to add an extra *PLUS* package. The extra cost means that I can spend that extra time giving you my full care and attention both during and following the healing.

Here is a breakdown of the packages available:

Basic chakra healings:
These chakra healings do not include a write-up. They are for those people who would just like a healing and no further assistance or information about what I find during the healing. The basic healing is good for those who are having a healing for somebody else, without wanting the details, or for those on a budget.

The healings are available as one or two-hour slots. Where possible I always advise people to book two hours for their first session (or if it has been a while since your previous chakra healing) so that there is enough time available to heal you.

A one-hour basic healing costs £34.99 and a two-hour healing costs £55.99.

Standard chakra healings:
These chakra healings include a brief write-up. They are designed for those people who would like a healing and a basic summary of what I find during the healing. This information includes a short description of the core root of the problem that I find during the healing (e.g. a need for grounding, or self-expression, self-love, etc.) and the top crystal recommendations I can give you based on those crystals you were most drawn to during the healing.

These standard healings are good for those who would like a healing for themselves or somebody else, and would just like the basic information concerning what their healing told me about their energies and for those who would like brief advice on how to help themselves continue to heal between sessions. As a guide, I aim to send about 2 paragraphs for this write-up.

The healings are available as one or two-hour slots. Where possible I always advise people to book two hours for their first session (or if it has been a while since your previous chakra healing) so that there is enough time available to heal you.

A one-hour standard healing plus brief write-up costs £39.99 and a two-hour healing plus brief write-up costs £65.99.

Full Care *PLUS* package chakra healings:
These chakra healings include a detailed write-up and extra follow-up assistance. This is the best package I offer for chakra healing. It is designed for those of you who want the very best from your healing: those who would like the full information that I find during the healing regarding which of your chakras are out of balance and what this means for you physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. During this write-up I get right to the core of the problems you are experiencing and tell you why I feel you are having the troubles that you are, where these troubles seem to have stemmed from (based on what is revealed to me during your healing), and then offer detailed hints and tips on how to help yourself heal yourself from the very root of the problem on a day-to-day basis. The information I send to you comes directly from your own energies and many clients have been amazed by the accuracy of these write-ups and how inspiring, touching, and useful they can be to their healing journey.

This full care package helps me empower you to help yourself to the max between sessions, as I give you as much detail as I can to help you find ways to heal on a daily basis, including which crystals to use and when, and certain visualisations to try or meditations to listen to. I also provide after-care with these healing sessions so that we can work together to help you through the ups and downs of your healing journey.

These full care healings are good for those who would like someone on hand to help them through their own healing or for those who would like special insight into how to help their loved ones that they are healing. (Please note that I take care to respect the other person’s rights to privacy if you are requesting healing for someone else.)

The healings are available as one or two-hour slots. Where possible I always advise people to book two hours for their first session (or if it has been a while since your previous chakra healing) so that there is enough time available to heal you.

A one-hour Full Care *PLUS* package healing plus detailed write-up and after-care costs £49.99 and a two-hour Full Care *PLUS* package healing plus detailed write-up and after-care costs £75.99.

Additional info:
I have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your healing I will return your fee.

NB: You don’t need a PayPal account to pay through my payment system. You can use your credit or debit card.

If you would prefer to discuss your healing with me prior to booking then please email me (Katy) at Healing@FireBeans.com. I’ll be happy to talk further.

What is the difference between a 1-hour and a 2-hour session?

When have your first healing session with me I strongly recommend that you book a 2-hour session if possible. The reason for this is that over time we have a lot of negative energy build up in our chakra systems. So more time will likely be needed to release this negative energy, reconnect and rebalance your energies. If there is any extra time left over at the end of the session then I will either send you extra healing to your aura if I feel it is necessary (to add a fuller healing experience) or I will save your healing time and send you a top-up session a few days or a week later which helps to maintain your healing.

The 2-hour session is also recommended for those who have not had a chakra healing in a while, or for those who are going through a difficult time and know that their energies need some extra assistance.

The 1-hour session is recommended mostly for those who are undergoing regular chakra healings, as your energies will be a lot easier to balance, as energy blocks will not have had enough time to ‘set’.

Basic Chakra Healing
1 hour: £34.99 (No write-up)
Basic Chakra Healing
2 hours: £55.99
(No write-up)
Standard Chakra Healing
1 hour: £39.99
(With brief write-up)
Standard Chakra Healing
2 hours: £65.99
(With brief write-up)
Full Care *PLUS* package Chakra Healing
1 hour: £49.99
(With detailed write-up)
Full Care *PLUS* package Chakra Healing
2 hours: £75.99
(With detailed write-up)

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