Scorpio New Moon ~ Partial Solar Eclipse ~ October 2022

Scorpio Eclipse by Katy Firebeans

Look out for the sting! There’s a mighty Scorpion on the loose! This Scorpio new moon has a bigger potential sting in its tail as it is an eclipse! Now I say this with love especially for the Scorpios among us. It was huge for me when I realised my moon sign is Scorpio in terms of it being one of the most empathic of star signs. This explains a lot lol. This is the aspect of Scorpio I especially relate to.

This is the second Scorpio eclipse this year, lucky us! The full moon in May was a lunar eclipse and here we are with a partial solar eclipse at the new moon.

You may have felt this solar eclipse building, especially if Scorpio is a strong star sign for you. Scorpio energy is deeply empathic and psychic so you may be experiencing a lot of sensitivity and insight in a spooky and not always simple or easy way what with Halloween energies building and of course the inevitable sting in the scorpion’s tail! At least Mercury Retrograde is out the way! 

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Sturgeon almost super moon ~ August 2022

With thanks to Emiliano Arano for the inspiring wave

There’s something in the air, is it a full moon or a super moon? ✨🌕✨

This is the last of the four huge full moons this year together, where June and July were technically the super moons. August’s moon is just a bit smaller than a super moon. This mighty power of the four huge moons in a row with the Lions gate portal (which peaked at 8th of the 8th and closes on 12th August) has sent energy cascading with vibrancy and creativity gone wild. Manifestation vibes abound and downloads from the cosmos are intense. I hope your experiences of these have been positive as August’s almost super moon builds but some have said it has created some difficult energies too. 

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Lions gate portal Cosmic Event healing ⭐🦁⭐

Cosmic Crystals by Katy Firebeans

So now is a point on the 8th of the 8th when the annual Lions gate portal is open and at its peak of energy. 

Here is a great time to be open to manifesting your dreams, making things happen, getting creative! 

It is also a time of receiving downloads from above and the best way to be open to these is with, well, openness! Help your energies be clear and feel your connection to earth and the universe and you may receive some startling and exciting new information, realisations, from the cosmos!

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Leo New Moon ~ July 2022

We are at the new moon in Leo for the Leo sun star season, and Leo energy can bring vivaciousness to our celebrating of things achieved. Or it can bring stubbornness and fiery irritation to those obstacles still standing in our way! Or both if you, like me, have a mix of things at different ends of the scale!

This Leo moon however can help us to keep in balance. Or if you have lost balance then this new moon can help you find it again. 

There is a comforting vibration to this new moon, a peaceful relaxing energy. The black projected by the dark moon absorbs our fears that try to pop us out of balance and distract us from what we need to be doing.

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Summer Solstice


Summer sunset by Katy Firebeans

Happy Solstice!! Or should I say Soulstice! It is time for the summer of the soul 💖 Time to let the sun shine into your soul and allow yourself to warm to being Alive. Let your gifts glow within you. And embrace some peaceful tranquillity, as though you were sitting meditating on a beach with your favourite cool drink in your hand, watching ripples of water gently lapping at the shore. It’s time to give yourself a spiritual break and enjoy everything you have achieved through the growth time of spring. 

Summer solstice brings the usual complex energies of any solstice and equinox, any change of season! You know how it feels now, you have been here before. There are vast swings of the pendulum of life back and forth occurring in all aspects of life. Sometimes such immense and fast swings it is hard to keep up! Perhaps you are struggling to make up your mind on some things? The change in season can do this, as you feel at the same time in the old season departing and the new season arriving. This complex time energetically can last until we really feel summer has arrived. 

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Introducing Angels ✨ New Angelic chakra healing ✨

It has been a long time since I started working with angels. I thought I would share a few things about them for you, to help you feel more attuned to them.

I have felt angels in my life from the beginning. I feel they have come to me in many spiritual forms – little things that happen like magic, like mini miracles; healing and Divine shifts in energy just when I need them; a higher power stepping in to protect me or those I love, those I heal. You know the saying “It was like my Guardian Angel was right there with me!”.

Some people see angels in their true shape, other people talk to their guardian angels all the time but cannot see them. Others sense their presence only when something amazing or thought-provoking happens, an inexplicable “happy coincidence”, serendipity or something that just cannot be explained logically or scientifically!! Angels are present with us 24/7, all the time. They are always There.

I believe angels have come to me over the years in similar shaped beings: birds!! I have always been surrounded by birds/angels. When I heal myself, birds fly around outside, or sit quietly in the garden by my healing room as if guarding me, guiding me, protecting me. Even as a child there were always birds with me and I was fascinated by them. I talk to birds and hear Divine messages through them. I am sure that our feathered friends are closely related to angels.

The word angel comes from the Latin “angelus” which means “messenger”. Angels bring us messages from the Divine, from the highest order of healing energies, like little pure white feathers that drop down from the sky.

Whatever your faith may (or may not) be, angels are here for everyone, all inclusive. They help us in the greater battle between Good and Evil, protecting us from Powerful negative forces.

The main three archangels written about are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. So I will begin with these three and move on to talk about others in time.

Healing with the angels

Angelic chakra healing

In my early days of receiving chakra healings, I had my first direct healing with angels. It was one of the most powerful and intriguing chakra healings that I had had! Although I can’t remember the details, I can remember the healer called in angels to help with specific chakras. As a healer I now offer the same as I received!

An Angelic chakra healing begins like a normal chakra healing, with some gentle grounding and connecting up to the Earth and the higher healing energies above. I work with crystals and a pendulum for this.

Then I call on the Angelic forces and ask them to be present for the healing. To protect us from any negative forces, creating a safe space around us. I offer thanks and gratitude, sometimes light a candle and/or burn some herbs or incense. Sometimes I place crystals around us energetically in a grid to add extra power to the healing vibrations. This I do through distant healing as well as face-to-face healing.

Next I work through the chakras working directly with the angels. I ask them to clear, heal and protect each chakra, making sure it is functioning and spinning correctly. Sometimes a chakra needs specific repair, as it can be broken or fractured. Whatever is needed, and whatever the one being healed can easily cope with, me and the angels work through it. Sometimes an energy clearing can suddenly be needed during a healing, where a trapped negative attachment comes up to surface from within! We work together to release this safely immediately when this happens, and repair the energies from the attachment’s effects. We also work together on balancing the chakras across the body as a whole, making sure the energy is flowing unlimited through the body, with no weak spots or dams. We check for hot or cold spots showing signs of problems between the chakras, where energies may not be flowing smoothly and fix them through the chakras.

At the end of the healing, I check if any further grounding or connection up is needed, I surround the person/animal in gold or white light, or sometimes the violet flame if needed. I then thank the angels again for their assistance.

The angels that work with specific chakras can change depending on the training of the healer and who they call on. There is no right or wrong, just different techniques and founding information (e.g. a couple of sources of this information are Diana Cooper and Sophie Fox). I tend to go with my instincts in each individual healing and also see which angels step forward to help. Here are a list of some of the angels known to work with particular main chakras. If you have a particular preference for an angel or group of angels, please let me know!

Earth Star chakra ~ Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Roquiel and his twin flame Archangel Joules

Root / Base chakra ~ Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Archangel Hope

Sacral chakra ~ Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Archangel Hope

Navel chakra ~ Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Archangel Hope

Solar plexus chakra ~ Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Uriel and his twin flame Aurora

Heart chakra ~ Archangel Raphael, Archangels Chamuel and Charity, all archangels link here at this central junction

Throat chakra ~ Archangels Michael and his twin flame Archangel Faith

Brow / Third eye chakra ~ Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Raphael and his twin flame Archangel Mary.

Crown chakra ~ Archangel Gabriel, Archangels Jophiel and his twin flame Christine

Causal chakra ~ Archangels Christiel and his twin flame Mallory

Soul Star chakra ~ Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, Mariel and Lavender

Stellar Gateway chakra ~ Archangel Metatron, Archangel Roquiel and his twin flame Archangel Joules

Above the Stellar Gateway chakra ~ The Seraphim Seraphina

How to book your chakra healing with the angels

I offer three levels of Angelic chakra healing:

✨ Mini healing, 30mins, £19.99

✨ Standard healing, 1hr, £39.99

✨ Deep healing, 2hrs £79.99

Here is the best place to book:

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