Libra New Moon ~ September 2022

Libra Balance ~ Katy Firebeans

This new moon is an interesting one as it is in Libra coupled with Mercury Retrograde in Libra too! So we have a super double Libra effect going on! This makes the Libra aspect of Balance all the more essential right now. Also important is nitty gritty details which may need checking carefully at the moment because of Mercury Retrograde playing tricks. 

You may be finding you’re having to balance a lot, perhaps it is a juggling act! But finding your own key way to find balance will help you thrive in whatever you’re doing. 

But remember you need balance to make things balance! You can’t create balance in a one-sided way (imagine a seesaw, or the Libran set of scales, one side heavy does not lead to balance). Also beware of getting too detailed and obsessive about getting into balance. That’s an oxymoron: obsessive balance.

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Lions gate portal Cosmic Event healing ⭐🦁⭐

Cosmic Crystals by Katy Firebeans

So now is a point on the 8th of the 8th when the annual Lions gate portal is open and at its peak of energy. 

Here is a great time to be open to manifesting your dreams, making things happen, getting creative! 

It is also a time of receiving downloads from above and the best way to be open to these is with, well, openness! Help your energies be clear and feel your connection to earth and the universe and you may receive some startling and exciting new information, realisations, from the cosmos!

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Mirror Moon ~ New Moon September 2020

Hematite, lodestone and magnetite, what do these three crystals have in common? They both reflect negativity with their polished exterior like a mirror. They are also incredibly grounding, which helps increase your own natural self-protection in the moment.

At this new moon time, we are all needing some reflection! Not just some self-reflection time, looking deep within to find our soul purpose and to channel Divine energies to help us find our way, like we have been doing over the recent month of moon healing especially. We are consistently needing to reflect away negativity that bombards us and tries to take us off course (whether purposefully energetically or through natural distractions in life). Being grounded helps protect our paths and stay true to our beings. It brings focus and clears the mind. And without external energies trying to pull us off track we are also able to adhere to our paths more closely and focus and stay strong in ourselves.

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