~ ♡ ~ In Loving Memory of Emma M ~ ♡ ~

A dear friend who I’ve been healing since the beginning of Firebeans has sadly passed away after a long fight with cancer.

I am so sad to share this news. I will miss her a lot.

Emma M was a wonderful lady, loving, supportive, a true friend. She was also a huge inspiration in my healing work over the years. She was especially inspirational and encouraging in my moon healing programme and astrological effects on our beings.

The moon healing programme will continue in Emma M’s memory.

✨ Blessings and much love to everyone ✨

~ Live Life with Love ~


Beaver Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Full Moon November 2022

Beaver Full Moon

This is another of our run of special moons! This time we have the Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, in Taurus. This will be another really long eclipse like in May this year, and it looks like it’s the last blood moon for a while. It is certainly the last eclipse of 2022.

What’s special about an eclipse? Well it certainly heightens any energy of a normal full moon. It also creates extra challenges and sets us further along our path. It brings things to surface and shines light on problems and solutions in extraordinary ways. 

You may still be dealing with energies from the previous eclipse just a couple of weeks ago. The time between two eclipses can be tough! And the effects can ripple on for a while.

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Halloween Special ~ Cauldron Competition 2022

Happy Halloween!!
I'm dusting off my witch's hat, cloak and broomstick.... You know what's coming!  
"Hubble, bubble, gifts and apple crumble 🍎
Is that trick or treat tarot time you rumble?" 
Pumpkins at the ready 🎃 
Some crackled quartz will crackle and cackle...
And a thirteenth anniversary is in the works here at Firebeans 😍🏆🎉

With all the offers in store will you go for a Shalloween, an Inbetween Halloween or All-in All Hallows' Eve?!
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Scorpio New Moon ~ Partial Solar Eclipse ~ October 2022

Scorpio Eclipse by Katy Firebeans

Look out for the sting! There’s a mighty Scorpion on the loose! This Scorpio new moon has a bigger potential sting in its tail as it is an eclipse! Now I say this with love especially for the Scorpios among us. It was huge for me when I realised my moon sign is Scorpio in terms of it being one of the most empathic of star signs. This explains a lot lol. This is the aspect of Scorpio I especially relate to.

This is the second Scorpio eclipse this year, lucky us! The full moon in May was a lunar eclipse and here we are with a partial solar eclipse at the new moon.

You may have felt this solar eclipse building, especially if Scorpio is a strong star sign for you. Scorpio energy is deeply empathic and psychic so you may be experiencing a lot of sensitivity and insight in a spooky and not always simple or easy way what with Halloween energies building and of course the inevitable sting in the scorpion’s tail! At least Mercury Retrograde is out the way! 

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Aries Blood Moon, Hunter Moon ~ October 2022

Blood Moon by Katy Firebeans

This full moon marks a year since I started following the moon more closely for me. It started with me wondering what happened if I paid attention to the moon in my star sign Sagittarius when it wasn’t a full or new moon. Would it have an effect? It certainly did!! Working with the moon on a daily basis over the past year has taught me so much more about myself and has helped me understand so many experiences in my life with this added perspective. The more I moon-watch, the more I learn and can bring into my life. More recently I have been paying close attention to the sun star season we are in too and am considering extending my moon healing programme to incorporate the sun, moon and stars. Every cycle we are in affects us in our lives more than we can sometimes be aware of. 

This full moon is in Aries at the same time as we are in Libra sun star season. So there is a mix of firey pushing forward at the same time as still the need to remember to stay in balance. 

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Libra New Moon ~ September 2022

Libra Balance ~ Katy Firebeans

This new moon is an interesting one as it is in Libra coupled with Mercury Retrograde in Libra too! So we have a super double Libra effect going on! This makes the Libra aspect of Balance all the more essential right now. Also important is nitty gritty details which may need checking carefully at the moment because of Mercury Retrograde playing tricks. 

You may be finding you’re having to balance a lot, perhaps it is a juggling act! But finding your own key way to find balance will help you thrive in whatever you’re doing. 

But remember you need balance to make things balance! You can’t create balance in a one-sided way (imagine a seesaw, or the Libran set of scales, one side heavy does not lead to balance). Also beware of getting too detailed and obsessive about getting into balance. That’s an oxymoron: obsessive balance.

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🍁 Happy Autumn Equinox 2022 🍁

Autumn Leaves by Katy Firebeans

As each season shifts and changes, we experience natural shifts in energy that link us together. Autumn Equinox is happening on 23rd September and already we’ll have felt these changes occurring. You might feel a push-pull effect in your life, painful things might happen directly alongside wonderful things which can leave us in a strange place. Half our energies stay back in Summer and the other half is ready for the new season. (Who says “you can’t be in two places at once!”) As one season ends it brings an end to some things in life which can bring a lot of sadness, but also a lot of joy and relief. As another season opens up, it also opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities which can be really exciting, but also scary and challenging. We experience this together as one, and uniquely, independently. We reflect what is going on in the seasons internally and across our lives.

Now is an excellent time to take stock of what has happened across the Summer for you, or across the whole year. A change in season is a good time to think about everything you have achieved, as well as anything you have sadly lost or left behind. It is time to think of the happy and sad things that life brought to you.

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Pisces Full Moon ~ The Harvest Moon

Thanks to Acidgfx for this photo!

We finally have a full moon that is not one of the mighty ones of the past four months, but hey it is mighty colossal in other ways! ✨🌕✨

For some we have stepped into Autumn 🍁 already, for others we wait until later this month for Autumn celebrations. But with the change in seasons come other great changes where we see a mix of really good and really bad at once, pulling us in half. 

I am feeling a similar sense with this full moon, nationally in the UK we received good news that our energy prices are being capped so we might not all freeze this winter quite so much, maybe. Yippee! But with it came the deeply sad news of the passing of our Queen 👑 So I really am feeling the push and pulls of a season change, and I’m sure everyone else is too in one way or another. This season change is marked by this full moon, the Harvest moon, as we gather together our produce from the season, and we also gather together the energies of the season gone by, storing some and letting go of some. 

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Virgo New Moon and Mercury Retrograde

With thanks to photographer and dear friend Abi Lewis 💖

I’m excited to say I saw my first ever shooting star a few nights ago!! 🌠 It was such a magical, peaceful, soft energy!! Really beautiful as it wiggled across the sky! There were so many stars out on this almost clear, warm summer’s night! But no moon in sight as we headed towards the new moon, and wherever that magical crescent was, it must have been hiding behind a little cloud. I thought I would bring some of this shooting star magic into my moon healing for you all too! ✨🌠✨

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Sturgeon almost super moon ~ August 2022

With thanks to Emiliano Arano for the inspiring wave

There’s something in the air, is it a full moon or a super moon? ✨🌕✨

This is the last of the four huge full moons this year together, where June and July were technically the super moons. August’s moon is just a bit smaller than a super moon. This mighty power of the four huge moons in a row with the Lions gate portal (which peaked at 8th of the 8th and closes on 12th August) has sent energy cascading with vibrancy and creativity gone wild. Manifestation vibes abound and downloads from the cosmos are intense. I hope your experiences of these have been positive as August’s almost super moon builds but some have said it has created some difficult energies too. 

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