Halloween Special ~ Cauldron Competition 2022

Happy Halloween!!
I'm dusting off my witch's hat, cloak and broomstick.... You know what's coming!  
"Hubble, bubble, gifts and apple crumble 🍎
Is that trick or treat tarot time you rumble?" 
Pumpkins at the ready 🎃 
Some crackled quartz will crackle and cackle...
And a thirteenth anniversary is in the works here at Firebeans 😍🏆🎉

With all the offers in store will you go for a Shalloween, an Inbetween Halloween or All-in All Hallows' Eve?!
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Spooky Halloween Article

To mark my Tenth Anniversary in energy clearing and healing, and to add some extra spookiness to Halloween I’ve written a huge article for you!!

It’s called The Darker Side of Clearing and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

It shows my journey through energy clearing over the years and what I have come to understand about the darker forces out there. Complete with handy tips for if you are going through a clearing and healing process yourself or if you are a healer yourself.

I will be following this up with a nice uplifting positive energy article to balance out the energies and I can’t wait to do that too!!

But if you are someone interested in the darker forces and how they work, and what they do, how you clear yourself and improve your natural self-protection, you might like a look . . .

Let me know what you think about it!!

Love and ghostly Halloween Blessings

Don’t forget your FREE energy check!!