Total lunar eclipse, full moon 16th May 2022

I have been writing for the moon again ✨🌕✨ and you may have felt this one coming ❤
Look out for the sting! There’s a mighty Scorpion on the loose!

Now I say this with love especially for the Scorpios among us. I recently realised the huge importance of my moon sign being Scorpio in terms of it being one of the most empathic of star signs. This explains a lot lol. This is the aspect of Scorpio I especially relate to.

But this Scorpio full moon is different to the others. It has a bigger potential sting in its tail as it is also a mega moon in a number of ways. It is a total lunar eclispe, blood moon, so you may see the total eclipse turn the moon red! Now is it a Super moon too? Some are saying we have four Super moons together starting in May, others say that only June and July are technically super moons. Either way, this should be fun lol! Also don’t forget it’s still Mercury Retrograde. And we have Friday 13th adding to the fun in the run up to this moon as well, which some see as lucky and others are really wary. 

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New Moon in Pisces ~ March 2021

What is the secret of being?

What is the original truth?

What is your deep knowledge within of your own personal truth?

Who are you?

What is happening for you?

What makes you tick?

These are all questions of this new moon! And with the two fish Pisces, that truth and knowledge can seem like you have it right there in your hand, you feel it, you sense it, you know it, you have all the answers and then …. Oops .. that little fish has slipped right up out of your hand and back into the water … Splosh.

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~ February Full Moon ~

February’s full moon is usually called the Snow moon. This dates back to the Native Americans who originally named the moons based on what was happening around them in nature at the time. February was generally a time of heavy snowfall. It brings to mind the image of a full moon shining brightly in the cold wintry sky, with a beautiful landscape of a sparkling snowy blanket beneath.

Beautiful snow but difficult conditions for the Native Americans who found it hard to hunt during this weather. So thus the February full moon is sometimes called the Hunger moon too. Another name is the Storm moon, and it is also known by the Cherokee tribe as the Bone moon. This is interesting to me as there seems to be a recurring theme in those I heal at the moment regarding bone healing!! And I even started an article the other day about bone healing, which is an ongoing project.

There is much of the energy of the scarcity of food in winter months, for those living off the land, in history and in present times, and for us humans who purchase all their food from shops, there are some foods that just aren’t readily available even now in Winter in modern times, especially during the global pandemic. And think of the animals in nature who all require the usual sustenance but who struggle to find food this time of year. That deep snow can cause hunger for many, humans and animals, even those who purchase food from shops can be snowed in or have food shortages at the supermarket!

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13th December 2020, New Moon

The new moon is coming up and I wanted to let you know what I’ve been intuiting for this time.

I am finding more lessons along our paths are opening up to us. And I am guided to work with a combination of amethyst and black obsidian this dark moon for shimmering purple glows of light like purple flames in the dark. 

The purple flames are akin to the violet flame which transmutes negative energy into positive vibrations. The amethyst purple colour ignites happy, uplifting fire in the mind and brings our creative ideas into power so we can succeed at things we love.

The darkness of the moon this time brings dark magic (in a good way!!), forgotten (happy) energies linger in the dark and the amethyst flames of light will ripple through the dark, seek out your joy and happiness and creative success and bring them to the foreground of your mind to be Remembered.

You might find during an amethyst moon that you achieve some foresight and inner guidance as this crystal helps bring us in touch with our intuition and spirit guides. Take note of any guidance you receive and act on it if you can now.

Black obsidian is an emotional energy healer. It can be a little intense by itself if you have lots of emotional energy buried!! Its combination with amethyst and violet flame this new moon will help lift the heavy vibrations of the emotions and transmute them to positive energy you can work with and use for your success. So in combination with amethyst it will be much lighter energy but still powerful.

If you have a collection of amethyst, if possible work with unpolished, rough natural amethyst as the little points resemble fire the best. But this said tumblestone amethyst or amethyst jewellery will work well too!

I just put a polished large tumblestone of black obsidian with an amethyst small point in front of it. The light suddenly shone off the crystals and it showed the purple of the amethyst dancing like a flame in the black glassy depths of the obsidian. Beautiful! And just what I’d seen in my third eye before writing this message!!

I’d love to send you additional moon healing with these crystal energies. The healing is aimed to uplift, bring clarity and “see sense”, see the reality of things but in a fun fun way 😀

It may be a mysterious time for many but this moon will help it be magical mysterious. If you’d like to receive this moon healing, it is £5/person as usual. The healing can begin any time around the new moon. The healing is for 48hrs but the effects of the healing will continue for a week 💖

Happy healingAnd success vibrations


Katy xx 

30th November 2020, Full moon

The full moon is building up strongly and powerfully. Can you feel it?I am finding the common energy with this moon is that it is bringing new perspectives, in surprising ways. The kind of perspective shifts where you thought things were one way then suddenly they’re turned around and the opposite is true. The light of the moon is showing up opposite ideas. 

At the same time the moon is shining light on past projects, methods/techniques and ideas set aside. Should they be revisited?

There is a cyclical feeling, sometimes feelings of “not this again”, where negative patterns repeat, and also positive blasts from the past. The moon is reflecting the old with new light shone on it. The cycle of the moon is showing cycles in our lives.

In addition, have you been hiding feelings from yourself? Distracting yourself from noticing things as they are? This moon has a lot to do with Truth. This can be uncomfortable, but following these threads of truth can be so enlightening and help us break old stuck patterns and open new doors.

Much brightness and lightness is needed after a dark energy November since Halloween. Many have stumbled around in the dark for November especially as the summer light has faded and the leaves are falling rapidly from the trees. We all need a moon of hope and bright fresh light and new perspectives as we head towards magical sparkly winter.
If you are finding the moon gazing into your life too intense this full moon, then crystals dark like black tourmaline will help protect you from the bright light. 

If you want to welcome in the light in all its glory and magnificence (warning this may unlock things you weren’t prepared for) then selenite and moonstone and azeztulite are perfect crystals for you.

What I would personally recommend is something in the middle, a little of both for equilibrium. Some black and some white crystals, balancing Yin and Yang together.
This is what I’d like to send healing with, simply black tourmaline and selenite. Nothing too intense in dark or light direction. To help you hide from the light when it is too bright and intimidating and to embrace the light when it is flowing right and feels good. This healing will be for 1 week at the usual £4.99/person.

If you want to step bravely and boldly into a dark or bright moon healing then please let me know and we can do this instead of the balanced healing I am offering.

Much Love and Moon Blessings

Katy xx

~ Live Life with Love ~

15th November 2020 New Moon

Key issues that the dark moon is working on this month is where we have been blindsighted, where we’ve had blind spots all our lives (and likely past lives too). There is a “darkest before dawn” aspect to this new moon healing after Halloween we have all been experiencing. Perhaps this moon time will help you fathom the answers to long-running problems. Maybe the darkness will show you problems that you’ve not noticed which have been there for years, maybe lifetimes. You can bet that recurring problems in this lifetime, like habits we can’t break, are also soul path problems from before this time. 

Dawn (when it finally appears, whenever that may be) will bring us all out of the healing dark time since Halloween, with new hope and new ideas, new inspiration!!

This new moon healing will come with extra soul path protection too, as when we start to find our path (whether for the first time, or again!), dark forces can try to test us and take us off the path. So beware of opposing forces creeping in and trying to distract you. The protection I will send with the moon healing will help with this too.

Love and Light in the dark,

Katy xx

31st October 2020 Full moon

It is Full Moon time on the spookiest day of the year, Halloween!!!

If you’re a secret werewolf, what will you be up to for this full moon? 

Could it be a night of spectacular mystery and spooky frights? At least we’ll be able to see in the darkness out there, hee hee!!

The full moon brings with it its usual mountain of energy but it also feels like a day/night of celebration with this moon too, on the back of the cheeky energy of Infinite crystal recently. 

This moon time feels to need Protection for Halloween with blood red crystals like ruby, garnet, Jasper, unpolished hematite.

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16th October 2020 New Moon

I don’t know about you but I’ve really had to work hard for my Lapis Lazuli joy sparkles these past couple of weeks. I’d hoped it would be a light fluffy time of moon dancing and happiness. Lapis Lazuli you promised!! But instead Lapis Lazuli has sparked creative energy to find answers to long running problems which then brings us joy to solve and see new things take shape. Then we can dance and sing with the moon. This figures as often our guides need us to learn our lessons so we can find our own joy. Not just hand us joy on a plate. Happiness can be hard earned sometimes. 

Did you have enlightening sparks of light to help you through challenges? Did you find your way in ongoing problems? Did light dawn on issues you’ve been struggling with? A common theme with this moon time Lapis Lazuli time had been to work with what you’ve got in a different way to create different, better, results. Perspective shifts that create new out of old. Recycling energy to make the new. This may even mean drawing on old ways of being, old knowledge, picking up a skill you once had and reapplying it in a different way to help your current position. These all bring joy and life energy and help us resolve problems and be happier in our souls. 

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Full moon 30th September 2020

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal for this full moon time. Like the starry skies, light dances and sparkles and shines in the dark depths. Lights of Hope, Life and Joy.

I am grateful for everyone who has been a part of my moon healing programme in these recent moons and would love to add a little extra sparkle to your lives across the next week, during the full moon and the days beyond. We all need a little dazzle of dancing light here and there. Feel the sparkle and allow the moon to help you dance in the light.

If you’d like to receive some Lapis Lazuli healing it will be extremely gentle as this is a powerful energy time. You may have noticed some chaotic and confusing energies about.

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Third Quarter Moon ~ September 2020

During the full moon this month, I focused moon healings on selenite. But as the days headed into the Third Quarter phase of the moon, Selenite energy was fading and becoming less imposing, but it was still very much the crystal of the moment. Suddenly though, I noticed a strong powerful shift to Green Aventurine crystal. As I noticed the shift, I literally gasped with delight lol!!! And saw the possibilities of what is to come from this crystal – really helping a person locate their soul energy and Shine!

Green Aventurine will run for several days until 10th September when we reach the Third Quarter of this moon. By then something will have changed again.

We have just had the selenite crystal time of shining light on our paths and helping us find our way. The energy in this time with green aventurine is about letting go of the past so we can focus on the present and future. This energy is about accepting where we are on our path, being in the now. And looking to move forwards.

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