Phosphorus Homeopathic Healing – The Firey One

I have recently passed my Homeopathy Diploma with Distinction (2019) and I’m really excited to be soon setting up my sister website for Homeopathy. Over the last couple of years I’ve been sending out homeopathy through distant healing. As I’ve studied I’ve noticed that we don’t need to actually take the remedy physically to receive the benefits of its healing nature.

Homeopathy is all about vibration and energetic patterns. Much the same as any other healing. So why not receive homeopathy through distant healing too?

I have had many successes using homeopathy in this form and it can be very powerful at times! Helping protect people from dark forces, releasing blocks and stagnation from their energies and healing long ongoing negative patterns in their lives. It has also been very successful in helping pets and properties too!!

Today I am writing about Phosphorus homeopathic remedy as it is Bonfire Night in 2019. This is a very fitting remedy for this day and for my Ten Year anniversary of FireBeans. What’s the link? Fire!!

Phosphorus is ideal for firey types, whose temper can ignite instantaneously, like a switch being flicked, like a firework going up, like a match being lit up. Why? Phosphorus, in its pure form, is used in matches and fireworks!!

So if you are looking for a healing to calm the fire in yourself or someone you love, including pets, let me know and I will send some Phosphorus distant homeopathic healing.

No pills required!

Email me for more information or see my homeopathy site