New Moon ~ 19th August 2020

This month’s New Moon is in Leo on 19th August 2020. All new moons are about new beginnings, new promise, and this new moon is in the fire sign Leo. Leo has firey energy and courage, but if you are on the receiving end of a “negative” Leo spiritual energy, then you may be struggling to find your path and follow your dreams right now. This spiritual energy can appear in people around you or on a spiritual plane, out of sight, masked, but there in the background affecting how things happen around you and within you.

I feel this new moon is about calming anger of negative Leo energies. Leo in negative state is aggressive and overconfident, and this energy tries to make you run and hide. I’ve been seeing an angry Lion recently in my visions, roaring to try and scare me off. And Gruffalo, where he is initially a ficticious character made up to scare people away. Do you feel like you are being led to run and hide and not face your reality, your soul path? Are energies trying to make you run away from your dreams rather than towards them? Are there seemingly random obstacles and distractions thrown into your path to take you off your chosen route? This is the new moon in Leo conflict we are facing together globally. No it’s not just you!

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