Full moon 30th September 2020

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal for this full moon time. Like the starry skies, light dances and sparkles and shines in the dark depths. Lights of Hope, Life and Joy.

I am grateful for everyone who has been a part of my moon healing programme in these recent moons and would love to add a little extra sparkle to your lives across the next week, during the full moon and the days beyond. We all need a little dazzle of dancing light here and there. Feel the sparkle and allow the moon to help you dance in the light.

If you’d like to receive some Lapis Lazuli healing it will be extremely gentle as this is a powerful energy time. You may have noticed some chaotic and confusing energies about.

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Everything is progress

So in these troubled times of the global pandemic it can be harder to feel in control when the goal posts keep moving, to know our true paths when everything is uncertain, and to stay calm and positive when there is a heightened anxiety and depression around us.

One soothing thought I’d like to share is to …

Know that Everything is Progress

Whatever you do in your life right now, whatever steps you take to build security and keep yourself and those you love and care about safe, it is all progress. It may feel like you have a mountain to climb or greater responsibilities these days, but knowing that Every little thing you do helps your bigger picture can be really reassuring.

Even when things don’t go as you planned or dreamed, know that this is still progress!! This is most important because “failures” or “mistakes” are all part of learning what we need to Succeed.

Remember to focus on what you’ve achieved and do little and often to achieve your goals.

Moon healing programme

I’m So excited to be offering my new Moon Healing programme!!! I’ve been busy writing lots of articles on how to heal by the moon with crystal therapy. See my Moon Healings in the left-hand menu.

We are already partway through the programme and those I’m sending healing to with moon and crystal energies are really loving it.

If you feel you’d like my help, please contact me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com ❤

Moon Blessings
Katy xx

Mirror Moon ~ New Moon September 2020

Hematite, lodestone and magnetite, what do these three crystals have in common? They both reflect negativity with their polished exterior like a mirror. They are also incredibly grounding, which helps increase your own natural self-protection in the moment.

At this new moon time, we are all needing some reflection! Not just some self-reflection time, looking deep within to find our soul purpose and to channel Divine energies to help us find our way, like we have been doing over the recent month of moon healing especially. We are consistently needing to reflect away negativity that bombards us and tries to take us off course (whether purposefully energetically or through natural distractions in life). Being grounded helps protect our paths and stay true to our beings. It brings focus and clears the mind. And without external energies trying to pull us off track we are also able to adhere to our paths more closely and focus and stay strong in ourselves.

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Third Quarter Moon ~ September 2020

During the full moon this month, I focused moon healings on selenite. But as the days headed into the Third Quarter phase of the moon, Selenite energy was fading and becoming less imposing, but it was still very much the crystal of the moment. Suddenly though, I noticed a strong powerful shift to Green Aventurine crystal. As I noticed the shift, I literally gasped with delight lol!!! And saw the possibilities of what is to come from this crystal – really helping a person locate their soul energy and Shine!

Green Aventurine will run for several days until 10th September when we reach the Third Quarter of this moon. By then something will have changed again.

We have just had the selenite crystal time of shining light on our paths and helping us find our way. The energy in this time with green aventurine is about letting go of the past so we can focus on the present and future. This energy is about accepting where we are on our path, being in the now. And looking to move forwards.

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Selenite Serenity September Full Moon 2020

Since the new moon healing on 19th August, it has been a big energy shifting time and working with the moon has helped me see the global trends in energies. The new moon healings were a lot about chasing away angry negativity that was set to interrupt everyone’s progresses along their individual soul paths. And therefore along the collective consciousness path globally. It has really put into perspective for me how uniquely individual our own paths are, but also how we are all part of One, a greater existence.

As we have passed through the First Quarter stage of the moon where it can be harder to make decisions and know our true path, we have moved towards the full moon. During this time a greater need for selenite has developed, to help shine light on our paths and guide us.

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