30th November 2020, Full moon

The full moon is building up strongly and powerfully. Can you feel it?I am finding the common energy with this moon is that it is bringing new perspectives, in surprising ways. The kind of perspective shifts where you thought things were one way then suddenly they’re turned around and the opposite is true. The light of the moon is showing up opposite ideas. 

At the same time the moon is shining light on past projects, methods/techniques and ideas set aside. Should they be revisited?

There is a cyclical feeling, sometimes feelings of “not this again”, where negative patterns repeat, and also positive blasts from the past. The moon is reflecting the old with new light shone on it. The cycle of the moon is showing cycles in our lives.

In addition, have you been hiding feelings from yourself? Distracting yourself from noticing things as they are? This moon has a lot to do with Truth. This can be uncomfortable, but following these threads of truth can be so enlightening and help us break old stuck patterns and open new doors.

Much brightness and lightness is needed after a dark energy November since Halloween. Many have stumbled around in the dark for November especially as the summer light has faded and the leaves are falling rapidly from the trees. We all need a moon of hope and bright fresh light and new perspectives as we head towards magical sparkly winter.
If you are finding the moon gazing into your life too intense this full moon, then crystals dark like black tourmaline will help protect you from the bright light. 

If you want to welcome in the light in all its glory and magnificence (warning this may unlock things you weren’t prepared for) then selenite and moonstone and azeztulite are perfect crystals for you.

What I would personally recommend is something in the middle, a little of both for equilibrium. Some black and some white crystals, balancing Yin and Yang together.
This is what I’d like to send healing with, simply black tourmaline and selenite. Nothing too intense in dark or light direction. To help you hide from the light when it is too bright and intimidating and to embrace the light when it is flowing right and feels good. This healing will be for 1 week at the usual £4.99/person.

If you want to step bravely and boldly into a dark or bright moon healing then please let me know and we can do this instead of the balanced healing I am offering.

Much Love and Moon Blessings

Katy xx

~ Live Life with Love ~

15th November 2020 New Moon

Key issues that the dark moon is working on this month is where we have been blindsighted, where we’ve had blind spots all our lives (and likely past lives too). There is a “darkest before dawn” aspect to this new moon healing after Halloween we have all been experiencing. Perhaps this moon time will help you fathom the answers to long-running problems. Maybe the darkness will show you problems that you’ve not noticed which have been there for years, maybe lifetimes. You can bet that recurring problems in this lifetime, like habits we can’t break, are also soul path problems from before this time. 

Dawn (when it finally appears, whenever that may be) will bring us all out of the healing dark time since Halloween, with new hope and new ideas, new inspiration!!

This new moon healing will come with extra soul path protection too, as when we start to find our path (whether for the first time, or again!), dark forces can try to test us and take us off the path. So beware of opposing forces creeping in and trying to distract you. The protection I will send with the moon healing will help with this too.

Love and Light in the dark,

Katy xx