13th December 2020, New Moon

The new moon is coming up and I wanted to let you know what I’ve been intuiting for this time.

I am finding more lessons along our paths are opening up to us. And I am guided to work with a combination of amethyst and black obsidian this dark moon for shimmering purple glows of light like purple flames in the dark. 

The purple flames are akin to the violet flame which transmutes negative energy into positive vibrations. The amethyst purple colour ignites happy, uplifting fire in the mind and brings our creative ideas into power so we can succeed at things we love.

The darkness of the moon this time brings dark magic (in a good way!!), forgotten (happy) energies linger in the dark and the amethyst flames of light will ripple through the dark, seek out your joy and happiness and creative success and bring them to the foreground of your mind to be Remembered.

You might find during an amethyst moon that you achieve some foresight and inner guidance as this crystal helps bring us in touch with our intuition and spirit guides. Take note of any guidance you receive and act on it if you can now.

Black obsidian is an emotional energy healer. It can be a little intense by itself if you have lots of emotional energy buried!! Its combination with amethyst and violet flame this new moon will help lift the heavy vibrations of the emotions and transmute them to positive energy you can work with and use for your success. So in combination with amethyst it will be much lighter energy but still powerful.

If you have a collection of amethyst, if possible work with unpolished, rough natural amethyst as the little points resemble fire the best. But this said tumblestone amethyst or amethyst jewellery will work well too!

I just put a polished large tumblestone of black obsidian with an amethyst small point in front of it. The light suddenly shone off the crystals and it showed the purple of the amethyst dancing like a flame in the black glassy depths of the obsidian. Beautiful! And just what I’d seen in my third eye before writing this message!!

I’d love to send you additional moon healing with these crystal energies. The healing is aimed to uplift, bring clarity and “see sense”, see the reality of things but in a fun fun way 😀

It may be a mysterious time for many but this moon will help it be magical mysterious. If you’d like to receive this moon healing, it is £5/person as usual. The healing can begin any time around the new moon. The healing is for 48hrs but the effects of the healing will continue for a week 💖

Happy healingAnd success vibrations


Katy xx