~ August 2021 ~

There is something in the Air… This is a special one again, it is a Seasonal Blue Moon, and also the second of two Aquarius full moons in a row! How is it a Blue Moon? It is the third of four full moons in a season, where a season usually just has three.

Because this is the second Aquarius moon it is a do-over of the previous full moon to some extent only with some “second chance” energies and new blue, more intense energies which may give you more drive and encouragement.

If you remember from my previous full moon message (see below, July 2021 full moon), I wrote about how each experience we have has roots in our past experiences, and our ancestors’ experiences, our past lives, etc. With this being the second moon of its kind in a row, this emphasises this element of the moon. It is the same moon repeated but how will it differ, how are we different from a month ago, how different are our experiences and mindset to back then? And what magical energy can be drawn in from this moon time to help where we find ourselves right now?

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