Tarot Today ~ Waterfall, Effortless

Today’s card is the Waterfall, Effortless card. As I picked this card I felt wonderful healing, loving energy radiating from the card! I was reminded of the good things I’ve done recently, what I’ve achieved through love and healing. I was reminded to focus on these positive energies and achievements rather than current worries. When I turned over the card I gasped as I find this card and its energy so beautiful and key to life.

This card tells you to let everything fall into place effortlessly 🙂 not stress and rush.

Waterfall energy is about letting things in the future you are worrying about fall into place as they will, at their time. Don’t fret about something ahead of time. It is also about not pushing beyond your limits. If you find yourself doing this, stop, pull back, rest a moment.

There is great magic around by going with the flow and being true to yourself regardless of others’ rigid rules and restrictions they try to place on you. Flow like a natural waterfall, you are not a manmade weir or trapped in a manmade reservoir or canal. Your faith flows where it is needed and how it needs to to fulfil what is required by spirit, by higher powers.

Natural beauty is found in secret natural places.

Don’t worry about the past, flow in the now, the present.

~ Be like water ~

If you would like a special unique tarot reading for you, please contact me at healing@firebeans.com. I would love to be the link between you and your spirit guides if you are struggling to hear their messages to you.

Love and blessings


The push & pull of energies, how to attract positivity and success

Energy spirals are real and a Huge part of our lives. Catch a spiral on the up and such amazing, beautiful things can happen. Catch a spiral on the way down and O-oh, you could be in for a rough tumbling ride!! Going with the flow can be brilliant when we are in a happy upward spiral. But in a flowing rapidly downhill spiral, can we jump off it or are we stuck in it for the long haul?

Sometimes when travelling in a spiral down, we think we’re stuck. It’s not so easy to just jump out of it. But you can enhance your position by making little changes that bring in chances of success and opportunities for a spiral shift. On the way down, it’s not best to go with the flow!! But it can also be hard to not be pessimistic, as this is where the energy flow drags us, to feel there is nothing we can do, we’re a passenger rather than in the driving seat, we’ve lost control and are plummeting fast! But this is just the state of mind we are in. Imagine you can turn the dial on your emotions and flit to a different radio station that is full of positive affirmations and pep talks to big ourselves up strength-wise to create change and reverse the spiral back upwards. We have the power to do that. How? Little steps. You don’t have to throw yourself into a vast complex new way of being, you just need to show the universe you see what’s going on and you’re trying to reverse the trend.

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Following the moon in my starsign

For the first year of my moon healing programme I have loved working with various crystals and healing powers and entities to bring global and cosmic healing to individual people and their own unique lives, exploring just how much we are all connected as One but also so dynamically different. There have been ups and downs, some moons having a stark happy and creative effect, super moons that have at times blown us away with their power and strength to help and heal us along our paths, and some complex new moons where sometimes they are magical and protective in the dark, but sometimes needing a lot of protective energy for the forces that occur.

Through the year I also worked deeper with the impact of the moon in certain starsigns and increasingly added research each fortnight into how the moon energies changed with the starsigns.

This led me to be intrigued by what happened if I followed the moon in my starsign outside of the full and dark moon times. This was so exciting, I’m So glad I did this! Here is what I wrote to those I heal in my moon healing programme after this first test:

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What did I learn today ~ 8th Oct 2021

I woke up today after a montage of all my most annoying recurring bad dreams! I was not pleased. I asked for guidance on one part that was particularly upsetting me, something that happened earlier this year where I walked away from a bully who had once been a good friend in some ways. Someone I respected a Lot. Part of my dream was about this person and replayed the most painful bits. I was guided I needed to let go of this situation (again – every time I think I’m past this it pops up again in a different way – layers of healing in action).

I tried going over positive thoughts I’ve had before when faced with this difficult memory, for example remembering that I have always done what I feel to be right, knowing I have a path forward that this person wasn’t a part of and couldn’t understand, knowing that by following my heart, my correct path, I will achieve something deeper than I would if I had ignored the circumstances, or ignored my instincts. I also let myself remember the painful reasons why I had to walk away from this person. What they did. So I could heal more on this level and work through the pain rather than bury it. This really helped the memories and dream slip away. 

I started to feel better and started to pull my head up from my pillow. And then had this kind of weird out of body experience. I felt by lifting myself up a little I was in a fog of this negativity again! And the version of me still lying with my head on my pillow was still feeling happier. I lay down again and became one with the happier energy me. “Well that was weird, I’ve not had that before!” I thought. I tried it again. Same thing happened! So I realised more healing was needed. 

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