Beautiful tarot reading today

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✨✨ Such Beautiful cards in my tarot reading today!!! ✨✨


It includes my tarot card that started my Firebeans healing work 😍 Zincite!! See my article “What is a Firebean”


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Love and Blessings

Katy Firebeans xxx

Leo New Moon ~ July 2022

We are at the new moon in Leo for the Leo sun star season, and Leo energy can bring vivaciousness to our celebrating of things achieved. Or it can bring stubbornness and fiery irritation to those obstacles still standing in our way! Or both if you, like me, have a mix of things at different ends of the scale!

This Leo moon however can help us to keep in balance. Or if you have lost balance then this new moon can help you find it again. 

There is a comforting vibration to this new moon, a peaceful relaxing energy. The black projected by the dark moon absorbs our fears that try to pop us out of balance and distract us from what we need to be doing.

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Buck, Capricorn, Biggest Super Full Moon ~ July 2022

Capricorn moons and 2022 part two

So last Capricorn moon was at new year, a new moon. It was a super moon then and so is this Capricorn moon in summer! In fact this is the biggest super full moon we’ll have this year, out of four summer mega moons in a row! Next month’s moon will be just shy of a super moon, but pretty huge.

How has your year been since the Capricorn new moon at the start of the year? Has it been a six months to remember or forget? We have just recently passed the halfway point of the year, so it’s a poignant tipping point, a chance to make changes for the second part of the year. If this year hasn’t been going so great, this super full moon could be a turning point for you with half the year to spare, as this super full moon is in Capricorn, the star sign of the planner, the ambitious one. It brings with it possibilities of making plans and sticking to them, being successful, drawing on past expertise and experiences, in a grounded, practical way. You could work with the Capricorn moon energy to bring about change and new structures. 

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