Buck, Capricorn, Biggest Super Full Moon ~ July 2022

Capricorn moons and 2022 part two

So last Capricorn moon was at new year, a new moon. It was a super moon then and so is this Capricorn moon in summer! In fact this is the biggest super full moon we’ll have this year, out of four summer mega moons in a row! Next month’s moon will be just shy of a super moon, but pretty huge.

How has your year been since the Capricorn new moon at the start of the year? Has it been a six months to remember or forget? We have just recently passed the halfway point of the year, so it’s a poignant tipping point, a chance to make changes for the second part of the year. If this year hasn’t been going so great, this super full moon could be a turning point for you with half the year to spare, asΒ this super full moon is in Capricorn, the star sign of the planner, the ambitious one. It brings with it possibilities of making plans and sticking to them, being successful, drawing on past expertise and experiences, in a grounded, practical way. You could work with the Capricorn moon energy to bring about change and new structures.Β 

If you are unsure what needs changing to make this second half of the year better than the first half, but feel inspired to do something, look back at the year gone by and decide anything you’d love to do differently, or something new you’d like to achieve.

You may have a specific problem you wish to overcome, a challenge you’re battling with, a repeating pattern, a fear that needs release, or just some new fun idea you’d love to launch! Now is the time, while these Capricorn energies are around.

Goat spirit 🐐

Now I’m not normally one for pushing the “stubborn goat” approach, which Capricorn can be known for(!) but perhaps we all need to make the stubborn goat our go-to sometimes πŸ˜‰ 🐐 This Capricorn goat has your back and helps you achieve your goals by staying on track and thinking things through in a focused and clear way. 

A goat can be pretty handy for clip-clopping up steep pathways, scaling rocky terraines and climbing big old mountains. Does any challenge, problem or happy goal in your life feel a bit like this landscape right now? If so it’s time to allow in the goat energy to find the easiest, most nimble, practical way to the top, to kick out fears, head-butt away obstacles and hop up and lead the way.

This is no dreamy, wishy-washy, make-believe-ideas moon. This is a BIG Super moon in a Super practical, motivated and grounded star sign. So this could be an amazing time to create change if you want to, or just simply need to!

Summer vibes 🌞

However, this full super moon is different to at the start of the year, the energies then were all new new new!! Here we are in Summer and the energies are more slow-paced. Here we embrace this tipping point energy again, we have completed six months of the year, and summer solstice vibrations are still eminating. So to some extent the energies of this full moon now are also about enjoying what you have grown and nurtured and studied since the Capricorn start of the year. To some extent we’re guided to put the brakes on more now, if we can, and enjoy what we have achieved, to ease up a little and enjoy the sun (and moon!). If you have found that lately you’ve been stuck in “grabbing life by the horns” energy, which was pretty fitting in spring, then you may be needing to calm those goaty vibes! 🐐

So summer Capricorn moon is about getting goaty, noticing this is an opportunity to change the second half of the year, but through peacefulness and mindfulness, gentle summer energies rather than at the start of the year.

Are you feeling this tipping point energy right now? Where you feel yourself drawn to act and achieve things or overcome obstacles, but at the same time need to not push too hard? If so I recommend calm, intuited steps forward, like a goat on a hot summer’s day, that has all the oomph to carry you through but actually feels like resting a bit too! Going / Goating with the flow!

Buck moon, Thunder moon

Now let’s not forget this is the Buck July full moon too! This is where we get especially animal-themed! And it’s time to fine-tune our radar antlers / horns!

Here is what I first wrote in my moon healing programme about the Buck moon, in 2021. I really felt this resonated this year too:

I saw the moon beautiful, golden and low the past couple of nights. And it got me thinking… ✨

The more we go along in life, the more we accumulate experience and understanding about ourselves and life. We become “older and wiser”. When situations come along we draw on this past data and listen to our intuition and guides. We create new experiences based on old. We even draw on ancient experience within our souls, and experience of our ancestors. There is a great cumulative knowledge and power we draw on.

In this way quite often life is not totally “new”, there are trends, patterns and experiences that repeat in all sorts of interesting and new ways through time! It may seem new to us but is it new to our souls, to life itself?

Everyone is different in this world too, we may share a lot of similarities, but there is no absolutely complete duplicate, not even identical twins. Therefore our approach to everything is unique to us. Things can be the same but different.

So when we talk about the moon effects on us. We are latching onto these joint experiences and power and knowledge. But also working out how the moon will express itself through us uniquely. The moon is the same moon each month. We are the same people each month. But no month is the same! And we are all slightly changed each month. This is life. This is progress. 

So here we are for the July full moon… and it’s time to sprout some new antlers!!

This full moon in July is known as the Buck moon, or Thunder moon. There are some other names for this moon but I will focus on these two.

Did you know that young male deer, bucks, regularly grow and drop and regrow their antlers? Covered in a beautiful velvety fur 😍 This time of regrowth is during July times. I have been seeing a lot of velvet energy in the past week as the moon has been growing, as a reminder to be gentle and soft. (I have been seeing this again in July 2022 too!)

The Buck moon seems to be about learning new skills to defend yourself with, but also based on the old, replacing the old outgrown. New but the same. Bigger and bolder, with new growth, new understanding, but with a soft furry outer layer that is oh so cute! It is time to grow, sprout, the beginnings of new strength and power, while remaining gentle and tender. And the deer is all about being gentle.

This full moon is also called the Thunder moon, because of the likelihood of thunderstorms. We had a cracking thunderstorm a couple of days ago! So with the likelihood of thunderstorms, perhaps be aware of dramatic events and sudden strange energies at work, out of nowhere. How quickly can a day change from heat and sunshine to torrential downpours and fresh winds of a thunderstorm! We all know what weird energies a thunderstorm brewing can bring too. If you sense these energies brewing, like a deer in the wild. Just be aware and cautious and allow the energies to rise and pass without (if possible) getting caught up in the dramas and pressures.

With this combination of the summer goat of 2022 and buck moon deer, gentleness may be a wiser move towards your goals. Let’s focus on the velvety cuteness and gentle tenderness of the young deers! Whatever you are working on in life, whatever situation it is you’re in, know that it is part of a cycle, a process, a chance to learn, explore, grow, feel strength and to feel your soft velvety gentleness, it will help you be at one with your unique soul and at one with others in some way, across your lifetimes and across the human experience.


This super BIG full moon, I will be working not only with good old goaty spirit, but also with summer relaxation mode! Plus Buck velvety gentleness. The Buck aspect of this healing will also help you be conscious that you’re in a process of learning, enjoy what you’ve explored so far and allow yourself to learn more now and ahead to reach your goals.

I will also be working with female quartz / candle quartz / snow quartz to help you feel motivated, to help you develop new ideas, plans and structures in a calm and gentle summery way. This cloudy quartz will bring gentle clarity and focus.

Citrine crystals energy will help you be ambitious and successful in a happy, sunny, summery way!

As well as this, I’d like to bring you a self-loving healing to accompany this full moon, to calm some of the goatiness. To help you be kind to yourself. The crystals I’d like to work with for this energy, to help you enjoy the moment, are rhodochrosite, rose quartz and honey calcite.

If you’d like to join me in this shared moon healing, I’d love to be there for you! The healing is for the usual Β£4.99/person for one week.

Let the gentle power of those cute velvety antlers and summer goatiness be with you!

Love and Blessings

Katy xxx

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