Sturgeon almost super moon ~ August 2022

With thanks to Emiliano Arano for the inspiring wave

There’s something in the air, is it a full moon or a super moon? ✨🌕✨

This is the last of the four huge full moons this year together, where June and July were technically the super moons. August’s moon is just a bit smaller than a super moon. This mighty power of the four huge moons in a row with the Lions gate portal (which peaked at 8th of the 8th and closes on 12th August) has sent energy cascading with vibrancy and creativity gone wild. Manifestation vibes abound and downloads from the cosmos are intense. I hope your experiences of these have been positive as August’s almost super moon builds but some have said it has created some difficult energies too. 

With all this huge energy going on, we are guided to ride the crests of the waves where we are on a positive vibration and exploring new avenues with doors wide open. But also to remember to ground and rest and repair. It can feel like each wave of energy is huge right now, so do rest when the tide goes out, regularly! Staying in balance is key.

This full moon is also known as the Sturgeon fish moon. The Sturgeon fish would appear at this time of year when the moon was named. Sturgeons are big old fish! They can be ten feet long! And they can live for over a hundred years! Now that would make for quite a wise, bold energy, and perseverance is a good wholesome energy around connected to this fantastic fish.  This giant fish energy then focuses on long-running and underground currents to help you work through soul journey patterns and shifts in your energies across centuries, and generations, not just in this life time. 

Now is a time when huge life course shifting energies can occur.

So this full (nearly super) moon, I’m offering healing with Sturgeon fish 🐟 for helping you with long-running energies and patterns through lifetimes and generations. Citrine and gold for manifestation. Aquamarine crystals and turquoise fluorite for Aquarius water energy. And blue lace agate, blue fluorite and snow quartz for airy Aquarius energy which I feel will especially help friendships and relationships, and also community spirit!

If you feel the effects of the intense moons and the lionsgate portal have been all too powerful generally, with sparking energies creating difficult problems, I can adapt this healing to a more grounding and relaxing, calming, peaceful waters energy, especially for you! Just let me know what you need!

Healing is available for one week at £4.99/person. I’d love it if you could join me ❤️

Love and blessings in the bright moonlight

Katy xxx

Don’t forget to charge your crystals by the light of the moon!! ✨💎✨

~ Live Life with Love ~

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