Halloween Special ~ Cauldron Competition 2022

Happy Halloween!!
I'm dusting off my witch's hat, cloak and broomstick.... You know what's coming!  
"Hubble, bubble, gifts and apple crumble 🍎
Is that trick or treat tarot time you rumble?" 
Pumpkins at the ready 🎃 
Some crackled quartz will crackle and cackle...
And a thirteenth anniversary is in the works here at Firebeans 😍🏆🎉

With all the offers in store will you go for a Shalloween, an Inbetween Halloween or All-in All Hallows' Eve?!

✨ First of all the much-loved Trick or Treat Tarot is back!!! 😅 This tarot is for my non-spooky traditional healings.

For just £5/person you can enter into this tarot. Your treat will be a special offer selected by the tarot. The tarot cards are a range of treats available to you based on my traditional healings, for example one tarot treat is a free 2hr healing worth £70!! Another treat is a free 30min aura healing worth £10. Hint there are no actual tricks in this tarot. See what treat your spirit guides have in store for you! 😇

✨ Next, to the spooky stuff! I have below a list of Mini Spooky Healings for £5 each, per person. This takes the form of the Fiver Friday heal deal.  Book four healings and get one free! 

✨ And my spooktacular Cauldron Competition is Back!! For every £20 you spend on these spooky healings and tarot I throw your name into the Magic Cauldron for the chance to win a £100 healing session 😍 Increase your chances the more you spend 👻 Closing date for entry is Saturday 5th November 11.59pm!!

✨ Spend over £100 on my Halloween Specials and receive an extra free gift!

✨ So to the Mini Spooky Healings for £5 each ….

Only those listed below are included and they should ideally be scheduled for this week ahead to capture the Halloween vibrations fully. This offer is open for this week ahead ONLY! So book now to avoid missing out 😍

These healings are available for yourself or anyone (person, pet or property) you want to send them to. This may give you the opportunity to have a Spooky Pamper Day experience! 

Each mini healing in this list is £5/person, pet or property. You can book more than one of any item for yourself or someone else for £5 each. So if you wanted a week of healings you could book 7x healings for this week ahead and receive this for the price of ONE single standard healing at full price! A daily healing is a great way to clear out stagnated energy and move on from an issue.

✨ Note: All these healings are also available for a full, not mini, healing at half price £20/session, if you’d like something deeper this week. 

So here is the list available in this Halloween special offer:

1) Spooky wind healing, 20 mins. Let the wind whip up energies that have got stuck and need blowing away by the elements. 

2) Foggy wood, night-time healing, “If you go down to the woods tonight, you’re in for a big surprise!” The nocturnal creatures of the night in the wood love Halloween! Their ability to lurk and hide in the dark, especially in the foggy dark, means they can wait and see when menacing spirits are about, and pounce! It can be a spooky environment to have a good clear out! 30 mins special for this healing.

3) Electric Fog healing. Can you feel a spooky almost electric fog in the air? It can block you seeing your way forward, slows you down, it can be stifling and static. Let’s clear the fog and add clarity and sunlight to your path. This is a brief 10 min healing but powerful working with selenite and clear quartz for added clarity.

4) Wise, ancient woods healing. The trees can know things long forgotten from our times. The spirits of the trees are even older than the trees themselves. They can offer some of the wisest advice! I will work with wood Oracle to find what you need and send you this energy for 20 mins.

5) Earth spirits healing. Beneath the forest floor, Earth spirits dance. They will come up to meet you at Halloween and have a party around the campfire. They help with grounding and healing your connection to fun. This healing is for 20 mins.

6) Moody skies healing, to help the sun come out and spread magical warming sparkles into your life. I will work with magical clouds, bright sunshine energy, crystals, angels and more. Can you find your silver lining? This healing is for 15 mins.

7) Make a wish healing. Offer up a wish to the universe! Sometimes “you don’t get if you don’t ask”! Put all the positive energy you can into making a wish come true by asking for it to be fulfilled ✨ Let me know your wish and I will put it to your guides and the universe with as much healing energy as we can muster. This is a 30min healing.

8) Crystal ball healing and clear quartz grids for clarity and direction from your guides. This includes a single card tarot reading and 30 min healing.

9) Lucky charm, talisman and witchcraft symbols of protection healing. Are you feeling lucky? This is a 30 mins healing.

10) Skeleton healing! This is a bone healing special, for stability energy, support and core strength healing on every level! Plus bone health healing. Let me know if there are particular bones you want to focus on, or your whole body. 30 mins healing.

11) Cackle crackle quartz crystal healing! I have many different colours of this crystal to work with. Let’s bring some cackling joy into your energies and heal the cracks of your subtle self. A 10 mins healing

12) Bright orange, round pumpkin crystals! This is a warming pumpkin, grounding, creative healing especially for the sacral chakra with a variety of orange crystals. 10 mins.

13) Black crystal pyramids, witches hats healing! Grounding, magical, protective, and good for connecting up to guides in a grounded way! 10 mins.

14) Serpentine crystal frog, for releasing deep, complicated internal energy issues. Good for lowering walls you feel are blocking your soul. 10 mins.

15) Witch’s finger crystal healing. Witch’s finger is a super powerful crystal to protect you from black magic. It shuts the door on negativity. 10 mins.

16) Sceptre Spectre quartz! A ghostly quartz rod will banish actual ghosts from your past that are haunting you today still! 15 mins.

17) Jet black cat crystal healing. A lucky black cat crystal with jet energies for extra grounding protective power, spooky, cuddly and will help bring some enchanted magic to your door and lucky opportunities. 15 mins.

18) Spirit animal guide healings with One spooky creature of your choice:  bat, black panther, owl, mouse, frog /toad, newt, lizard. 30 mins.

19) Gingerbread man/woman healing, for warmth and cosy vibrations, happy smiley sweet energies. 20 mins

20) Boo! If a spooky drama has unfolded and a ghost needs scaring away from a property, this is the clearing for you. 45 mins clearing.

21) Garlic, silver, crucifix, wooden stakes healing for vampire banishment. Do you have a scary vampire spirit lurking somewhere in your energies? Or a closet or basement in your home? Let’s get the garlic out and see if any are unearthed! 30 mins.

22) Trick healing! Has an energy been playing tricks on you! A single tarot card reading will show you what to do.

23) Has someone put a spell on you? Witchcraft spell release. Includes a family curse release for one person. 10 mins.

24) Do you feel possessed? Perhaps you have an external energy affecting you (note this is often not a malicious energy!). 15 mins external energy release.

25) Candy apple surprise, a really sweet treat. Sweet energies can scare away mean monsters, as the energy is just too lovely for them to abide! Divine Love, sweet petals, fruits, herbs and essential oils, beautiful vibrant colours, wind chimes, etc, are all included in this healing! 15 mins.

26) The magic of Time healing. With the clocks going back for some of us, we may feel we don’t know if we’re coming or going? Are we going backwards or forwards in time? This time healing will work with ancient energies, the moon, stars and Gaia, and quartz crystals to help us know we are in time with the universe. This healing will also include rose quartz to help us know we are in time with ourselves 💖

If you’re struggling to decide between these healings, how about booking a Combo selection of bookings for £20 with one gift free healing. I can help work with your spirit guides to see what’s best for you.

If you know what you want but can’t figure out the price, let me know and we can work through your ideas and budget ✨❤✨🌞

I hope that something in this list of goodies helps you find some fun and giggles across Halloween! Don’t forget the Trick or Treat tarot too! 

Hope to see you for Halloween in some gloriously spooky healings and tarot 😍 

Love and Blessings

Katy xx

~ Live Life with Love ~

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With thanks to Acidgfx, larissa perfeito barreto redondo, and buğra özcan for assistance with my Halloween picture this year!

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