~ What are Negative Energy Clouds ~

In my energy clearing research over 2010-2011 I have discovered that people can have ‘negative energy clouds’ attached to their energies. These can project from ourselves into our infinite auras, or we can pick up negative energy clouds from external sources: from other people, or from attachments (e.g. entities and implants).

For example if we have a particularly strong entity or implant attached to us, we may also have their negative energy cloud attached too. This accentuates the qualities of the attachment, makes them stronger, and makes them more difficult to release.

We can develop our own negative energy clouds when we have negative energy trapped in our systems due to some stress in our lives, or from previous emotional trauma (either recently or many years ago, even from a past life in some cases!).

How do you know that a negative energy cloud is present?

The symptoms of having a negative energy cloud present (whether your own or from an external source) can be similar to those of having a standard entity / implant present, e.g.:

* headaches
* nausea / sickness
* body aches / pains
* anxiety
* depression
* emotional distress
* fatigue
* confusion
* anger
* relationship problems
* miscommunications
* ‘bad luck’ and accidents

and the list goes on…

If you feel you may have a negative energy cloud present, then you can request a free energy check from me, Katy, at Healing@FireBeans.com. All I need to do this is your full name.

What can you do to release negative energy clouds?

I recommend an Infinite Aura Clearing for the removal of negative energy clouds, as they generally latch on to our outer energies, rather than just at our physical body, subtle bodies and commonly-known single aura.

For more information about Infinite Aura Clearings, to work on releasing your energy cloud(s), please see here or contact me, Katy, at Healing@Firebeans.com.