Scorpio New Moon ~ Partial Solar Eclipse ~ October 2022

Scorpio Eclipse by Katy Firebeans

Look out for the sting! There’s a mighty Scorpion on the loose! This Scorpio new moon has a bigger potential sting in its tail as it is an eclipse! Now I say this with love especially for the Scorpios among us. It was huge for me when I realised my moon sign is Scorpio in terms of it being one of the most empathic of star signs. This explains a lot lol. This is the aspect of Scorpio I especially relate to.

This is the second Scorpio eclipse this year, lucky us! The full moon in May was a lunar eclipse and here we are with a partial solar eclipse at the new moon.

You may have felt this solar eclipse building, especially if Scorpio is a strong star sign for you. Scorpio energy is deeply empathic and psychic so you may be experiencing a lot of sensitivity and insight in a spooky and not always simple or easy way what with Halloween energies building and of course the inevitable sting in the scorpion’s tail! At least Mercury Retrograde is out the way! 

Prepare for extra darkness of the eclipse adding to the spookiness, stings, drama and insights. You might find explorations into your inner psyche, soul patterns and what you’ve been unconsciously manifesting for yourself are all heightened and drawn to surface. This is a shadowy time to self-accept and to pave the way for new you at the new moon. Perhaps it will be an eclipse of your soul to help you find your way when the light comes back!

For this special eclipse I’m working with Black Kyanite to reduce the emotional intensity of the moon and ground our energies so we can see clearer. If we have choices to make then this crystal will help. Kyanite is also about bridges and this moon time there is a lot of conflict about. Some bridges are in need of repair. Can all be repaired though? It is a Scorpio moon, so please beware of the Scorpion sting in the tail at this time. The sting can be amusing or powerful, but you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it. Consider how this stinging energy is further afield so everyone is having a little dose of it within, or dishing it out! The energy is everywhere. Care is needed.

Kyanite is also great for psychic protection and with the eclipse intensifying this super powerful energy, you may find you have a case of psychic overwhelm. Rest is great for this, but if you are finding it hard to rest naturally then Black Kyanite can really help. Just pop a piece at your feet. I love to especially work with rough Kyanite rather than polished. It seems to get into the nooks and crannies of shadowy energies better with its pointy edges.

I am also working with Moldavite, a super crystal for an intense moon. I rarely work with this crystal because of how profoundly deep-acting it can be (not all situations need this immense power), but right now intense energies call for intense healing energies. This crystal comes from a meteorite and is great for releasing blockages!! So if Kyanite isn’t cutting through the energy problems, moldavite can fly in like a ball of fire from the universe to unblock what is in your way and open up your right path.

Magnetite tetrahedron then opens up a channel between you and deep in the Earth for that meteor to land and carry your blockages right down to the core of the earth. The magnetic pull of magnetite steers your blockages straight down through the earth beneath, powerfully, to let them go in the most healing way for you.

These crystals help bring back our true-self energy, our strength, power and self-worth. 

Pink Sapphire also helps add loving and courageous energy. Some pretty pink sparkles in the dark.

Healing with new moon Scorpio eclipse energy plus these crystals and healing energies I’ve mentioned here is the usual £4.99/person for one week.

The eclipse is visible if you’re in the UK area between 10am and midday on 25th October 2022. If you’re somewhere where you cannot see the eclipse, or if it’s a cloudy UK morning, know that its energy will be just as powerful.

Love and the power of healing

Katy xxx

~ Live Life with Love ~

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