~ February Full Moon ~

February’s full moon is usually called the Snow moon. This dates back to the Native Americans who originally named the moons based on what was happening around them in nature at the time. February was generally a time of heavy snowfall. It brings to mind the image of a full moon shining brightly in the cold wintry sky, with a beautiful landscape of a sparkling snowy blanket beneath.

Beautiful snow but difficult conditions for the Native Americans who found it hard to hunt during this weather. So thus the February full moon is sometimes called the Hunger moon too. Another name is the Storm moon, and it is also known by the Cherokee tribe as the Bone moon. This is interesting to me as there seems to be a recurring theme in those I heal at the moment regarding bone healing!! And I even started an article the other day about bone healing, which is an ongoing project.

There is much of the energy of the scarcity of food in winter months, for those living off the land, in history and in present times, and for us humans who purchase all their food from shops, there are some foods that just aren’t readily available even now in Winter in modern times, especially during the global pandemic. And think of the animals in nature who all require the usual sustenance but who struggle to find food this time of year. That deep snow can cause hunger for many, humans and animals, even those who purchase food from shops can be snowed in or have food shortages at the supermarket!

The snow/hunger moon is an expression of this scarcity, and the energy is all around us, even when we are having a break from the harshest of weather, the energy is still pervading in February. The sun may be shining, but the energy is still present.

With scarcity comes fear of not having enough, and this is playing into the energy I’m sensing for this full moon.

This full moon is in Virgo. Often Virgos display tendencies towards perfectionism. This may be a time where you are feeling extra twitchy about things being just right, just so! (Whether you are a Virgo or not.) Now add to this the energy of the snow moon for scarcity and fear of not having enough. These energies make it hard to feel that everything is right with the world, that we have enough. Perhaps we may bring inside ourselves the energy of scarcity and fear that we are not enough, we are not perfect enough, that we cannot do enough. If we are aiming for perfect then we are likely not hitting our targets 😉 As the perfect outcome isn’t necessarily always the most natural or attainable, setting ourselves up for a fall on the slippery February ice. Beware of setting yourself big goals right now, as come March you may be wondering if that was such a good idea! It’s easier to set mini goals (and not hundreds of them) and achieve them, in small bursts of energy, than a great big goal that is hard to reach and leaves you feeling drained and self-critical. Also remember to celebrate your successes! Give yourself a pat on the back for all your achievements, great or small.

Lightheartedness, joy, flow, letting things be, flexibility, softness, gentleness and lovingness are all needed at this time, towards ourselves, each other and the world and universe.

What I have sensed for this full moon:
This full moon is a lot about control – knowing when to assist people, knowing when to back down and let them follow the path they need to to discover what they need to. It is also about letting go of trying to forcefully control your own life too, and allowing people to help or politely declining if you can’t accept any additional input, knowing they only wanted to help you with love in their hearts.

If you are struggling to know whether to attempt to help someone or to leave them be, or if you are finding it hard to know whether to accept help and alternative options in your tasks, or continue alone on your path, ask the moon for guidance! This is best done while moon gazing to hear guidance.

It is interesting in contrast to recent Elk energy re the mooon, as Elk was about connecting with like-minded people, sharing. There feels to be some difficulty now in this energy, where people are breaking off to go it alone, feeling they know best. This is sometimes best, and sometimes not, and at this time of the moon there is issues with deciding what is best for yourself and others. Commune together on issues, or trust just in yourself and allow others to just trust in themselves too.

Stubbornness is key right now, where some people are needing to be fully in control. This feels to be bringing in some Virgo energy here, that feeling that things are best done ourselves without interference, that this is the only way to reach perfection, if you’re fully in control yourself. Is this right? Sometimes, but sometimes not.

Offering to help someone who is wanting full control of a situation can lead to them feeling threatened and can throw their decisiveness into disarray. This may or may not be good for them. Beware if your offer of help is thrown back at you with anger and hurt that you don’t understand how they are feeling. Try to show gentleness and compassion if this happens, rather than react with more anger and hurt. But do beware of bullying energy at this time and just back right away from abusive styles of communication.

You may grapple with control issues in yourself right now. Agonise over decisions and then find slight journeys into that road lead to major obstacles that turn the whole idea upside down.

If you find someone is trying to control you, you may need to defend your position and viewpoint. Try to do this with love in your heart and gentleness to combat the controlling energy.

Currently Mercury Retrograde has ended but we are in the shadow of this until 12th March. So we are still in a time of confusion in communication and relationships. This is adding to the controlling energy going on too, and the need for perfectionism re the Virgo moon, but also how things can not go as planned, as Mercury Retrograde often interferes with our plans.

I have noticed that this controlling, stubborn, sometimes angry and bullying energy can lead to a Lot of tension, energetically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. This is when we are on the receiving end of someone else’s energy, or struggling with control in ourselves.

Elk spirit from the recent moon healing is able to help a little with this, but really we are stepping more into Mercury and Virgo energies for healing.

I was pondering what would be best to counteract this energy and thinking how a homeopathic remedy has been helping me with some of this muscle stiffness energy and protection from external energies (other people’s energies generally). The remedy is Merc sol. I was thinking, “Hmm what is the link between this relief I have from this remedy and the moon?” Then the penny dropped…. The remedy is Mercury!! Offical name mercurius solubilis. So absolutely key to this moon time is the Mercury Retrograde in Shadow.

So in my healing for this moon I would like to bring together a number of components. A little more Elk spirit energy to help people come together when it is right. The affirmation “I am connected”, for more of this energy. Also the lightness and softness of Candle Quartz (aka Female Quartz / Snow Quartz) for its gentleness and loving vibrations which help relationships between people be more flexible and thoughtful. Blue lace agate, for those who feel it is important to speak their truth, to follow their own path but to be gentle with it, not controlling or forceful. Blue lace agate is also great for fear, and as I’ve said there is a Lot of fear of scarcity in this Snow Moon. In addition I’d like to also send healing with Mercury homeopathic remedy, to help with the abrasive side of the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. This all together as one package is healing for 2 weeks for £9.99 per person. (If you’d like this healing at the usual £4.99 price we can do 1 week instead of 2).

If you are struggling with a relationship where control is the issue, let me know and I can send an additional rhodochrosite crystal healing between you for £9.99 until 13th March, so as to encompass the end of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. Rhodochrosite is an awesome crystal for relationship healing.


I offer healings based on my moon readings, in tune with what is happening globally. These healings encompass what you are going through individually as well as what we are facing together on a planetary level. Please contact me for details at healing@firebeans.com or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference “Moon”

If you are reading this article after this moon phase has passed, you can contact me for extra information on the current moon and how it is affecting you and what you can do to heal in line with the moon.

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