16th October 2020 New Moon

I don’t know about you but I’ve really had to work hard for my Lapis Lazuli joy sparkles these past couple of weeks. I’d hoped it would be a light fluffy time of moon dancing and happiness. Lapis Lazuli you promised!! But instead Lapis Lazuli has sparked creative energy to find answers to long running problems which then brings us joy to solve and see new things take shape. Then we can dance and sing with the moon. This figures as often our guides need us to learn our lessons so we can find our own joy. Not just hand us joy on a plate. Happiness can be hard earned sometimes. 

Did you have enlightening sparks of light to help you through challenges? Did you find your way in ongoing problems? Did light dawn on issues you’ve been struggling with? A common theme with this moon time Lapis Lazuli time had been to work with what you’ve got in a different way to create different, better, results. Perspective shifts that create new out of old. Recycling energy to make the new. This may even mean drawing on old ways of being, old knowledge, picking up a skill you once had and reapplying it in a different way to help your current position. These all bring joy and life energy and help us resolve problems and be happier in our souls. 

At these challenging times it can be hard to find what we need new, to continue as we were, or have a complex-free time. The moon is currently helping us work with what we’ve got already to accomplish our goals regardless of what’s happening in the world. 

Infinite stone is a crystal I’d like to bring your attention to this New Moon in Autumn. It is a high vibration crystal with soft mini waves of energy that push gently through blockages. There is a lot of fear energy around in the darkness of this new moon and Infinite stone will help bring comfort and a few giggles as it feels to be instilling a cheeky energy in those it touches. 

I am offering healings with Infinite crystal mixed with arsenicum album homeopathic energy healing this new moon as this remedy is really good for anxiety too!! Healing with a homeopathic remedy works on a different level to physically taking the remedy. “Psychically” taking the remedy works more on a spirit or soul level than physically taking it. 

At the moment many of us are experiencing shifts in our soul journeys. There is a lot going on in spirit world and some of us are having to adjust our paths on a cellular as well as soul level to find our way. If you need some additional guidance to find your way as the path keeps changing then the combination of Infinite crystal and Arsenicum album homeopathy could really help give you a boost of clarity, seeing past your fears and the dark moon fear energy this month.

If you have some Arsenicum album at home and occasionally take some, then now would be a good time to take some and have some on hand.

This new moon healing with Infinite crystal and Arsenicum Album homeopathic energy is available from now until Wednesday next week when this energy will be with us. It is just £5/person for this healing.

Infinite blessings and cheeky light

Katy xx


~ Live Life with Love ~

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