Friday 13th and a Full Micro Moon

It’s set to be a scary, spooky and emotional night! Beware! ✨

Such a rare night ~ Friday 13th and a Full moon.

But it’s not just any old full moon, tonight’s is the Harvest Moon, a micro moon and the moon is in Pisces. All these things together suggest things may go bump in the night, there may be a lot of superstition, sensitivity, and spooky things going on, plus it is a highly emotional time, a time of letting go, unburdening… It is a time of Truth, discovering untruths. It could be a confusing and challenging time for many.

Don’t forget to do your FREE energy check to help your day/night be not so unlucky, to clear any spooky spirits from yourself, your home or work place!! And to help you let go and move forwards in your soul journey as we head into Autumn.

Spooky Blessings

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