Aries Blood Moon, Hunter Moon ~ October 2022

Blood Moon by Katy Firebeans

This full moon marks a year since I started following the moon more closely for me. It started with me wondering what happened if I paid attention to the moon in my star sign Sagittarius when it wasn’t a full or new moon. Would it have an effect? It certainly did!! Working with the moon on a daily basis over the past year has taught me so much more about myself and has helped me understand so many experiences in my life with this added perspective. The more I moon-watch, the more I learn and can bring into my life. More recently I have been paying close attention to the sun star season we are in too and am considering extending my moon healing programme to incorporate the sun, moon and stars. Every cycle we are in affects us in our lives more than we can sometimes be aware of. 

This full moon is in Aries at the same time as we are in Libra sun star season. So there is a mix of firey pushing forward at the same time as still the need to remember to stay in balance. 

We are also starting a little burst of special moons again too! This full moon is the Blood Moon, being the first full moon of Autumn, so you may see the moon looking orange or red in the late afternoons (USA) and evenings (Europe) of Sunday and Monday. People are calling this a double moon as it will take place at the same time on both nights! And a little alert: We have some eclipses coming up at the next new moon and full moon, both Scorpio-related in some ways, something to be aware of in case you detect the beginnings of odd waves of energy in about a week’s time.

This coming week is also the final week of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. Hurray! Finally! ๐ŸŒš Like many I will be pleased to release this complex energy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ 

This full moon is the Hunter’s moon โœจ๐ŸŒ•โœจ partly because of the brightness of the moon. Now with my love of animals I’m not keen on the meaning of this moon! But the brightness and clarity of the moon at this time could help us see our own goals more clearly, understand them fully in the bright light at night. 

The full moon is in Aries and there’s an agitated energy in the air, restless and sometimes firey angry with a desire to control. But at the same time there is Huge passion and love, brightness and excitement. It feels like we will need to find ways to keep a level head and not burn out this full moon. If you’re already feeling burned out in the energies leading up to the moon, especially after mercury retrograde, and complications that may have brought to your life, then some relaxation is more needed than extra fire. That bright light of the moon might feel a little too bright at the moment! 

So I would like to focus this moon time on calming energies. Through calm we can focus and accomplish our goals. Firey bursts are exciting but the tendency is to run too far with them right now. So gently gently is more wise this week ahead.

For this then I will be sending healing with gentle loving rose flower energies ๐ŸŒน and dandelion flowers for cleansing, plus a calming crystal grid with clear quartz mini wands to help point you easily and clearly in the right direction โœจ๐ŸŒ•โœจ Blue lace agate is a welcome calming clarity crystal this Aries moon. It also helps us speak our truths in a calm and tactful way! ๐Ÿ’• So I will add this into the healing.

If you are finding the bright light of the moon too blinding, too agitating, then some darker crystals like tourmaline and hematite will help calm you at this time and protect you from others who have run away with the controlling passionate energies of this full moon. Keeping some dark crystals with you will be immensely helpful. Let me know if you feel this way and I’ll add these crystals to your moon healing.

I will add to this moon healing some energy for the end of Mercury Retrograde shadow period too! 

I’d love to send you this moon healing for the week, it is available at the usual price of ยฃ4.99/person. 

Loving gentleness 

Katy xxx

~ Live Life with Love ~

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