Black moon and solar eclipse 30th April 2022

I have been writing for the moon again and this new moon in Taurus is a special one! It is the second new moon in April, making it a Black Moon, which is unusual!! And it is also a partial solar eclipse too ✨🌑✨

Alongside this there is also Mercury Retrograde in its shadow stage which can be a time for things to get a little chaotic regarding technology, communications and plans, etc.
I have learnt with this eclipse that in a year we generally have 4 eclipses in 2 star signs. This year the lucky star signs are Taurus and Scorpio!

Although we won’t see the eclipse here in the UK, it can be felt energetically and spiritually everywhere. Wherever you are in the world. 

Whether you are Taurus yourself or not, you will experience some very Taurusy vibes this new moon as we are in sun star sign Taurus season as well. And a Taurus eclipse and Black Moon will give everything some heightened energy. 

You may be encouraged this new moon to check the basis of your path you are on. Is it best for you? Have you built this life and your experiences on something sustainable? Do you need to make any adjustments to stay secure, comfortable, protected (all Taurus qualities). This new moon may raise some big questions but it can help you find your feet, freedom and happiness better. Beware of bullying energies saying their way is best right now, and fear mongering that your ideas aren’t secure or reliable. This is a time of trusting in yourself!
This is a quadruple dark moon! New moon, Black Moon, a partial solar eclipse and we’re in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. This all means it’s time to search our shadow selves for hidden magic – are we hiding talents and gifts under our bushels?! 

But also do beware of trickery and deceipt in the darkness! It’s a time for spirits and nasties to come out to play in the quadruple darkness. And with Taurus being about protection, let’s all increase our natural self-protection in the best ways we can by being good to ourselves (the eclipse tells us to rest, for example), kind-hearted to others and an extra boost of protection and magic in the dark from me ❤️

The eclipse is a time of positive changes. However this can be a confusing time as shadow Mercury Retrograde creates chaos and problems. So how do we decipher between the two influences on our lives and energies? Which sudden changes are for our highest and best good, and which are sent to cause maximum confusion? If you have any decisions to make, now might not be the best time. Let changes play out so you can trust which ones are positive eclipse or negative Mercury Retrograde. 

My recommendation is to sit back, relax, recuperate, ponder. If you have problems to work through, reflect on them but wait for action. The universe will help things along in the direction you need to go in (eclipse energy-wise), though Mercury Retrograde shadow may put a few spanners in the works! Now is limbo time. Know that some good will come of the eclipse and even Mercury Retrograde in the end (hopefully!). 

So the healing I’m offering this new moon, is comforting and protective, gently opening doors to positive changes, protecting from any outside influences that disrupt our self-confidence, and calming clarity re shadow Mercury Retrograde. I am working with hematite for this, plus grounding smoky quartz and brown fluorite. I am also working with high resonance crystals like selenite, angelite, and gold to bring extra light and lightness. All these crystals will promote extra comfort and self-love too 💖🌠

This healing is available with an extra protective boost for one week for £4.99/person.
I wish you all a happy Black Moon and that any positive changes from the eclipse will bring you joy!

Love and protectionKaty xxx

~ Live Life with Love ~

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